Roma demonstrate against continuing violence in Kosovo

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Subject: Roma demonstrate against continuing violence in Kosovo

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Roma demonstrate against continuing violence in Kosovo

The Kosovo War is not over!
Contact Person: Mr.  Jasar Demirov (President)
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Roma demonstrate against continuing violence in Kosovo and for their
right to stay
Berlin / GERMANY ( RNN Correspondent ) January the 8th, 2000
Date: 08. Februar 2000 - 14:00 Uhr
Place: Berlin - Alexanderplatz
According to statements from the Roma National Congress (RNC), tens of
thousands of Roma are fleeing from racist motivated violence.
Thousands eke out a miserable existence in provisional refugee camps
in Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. International Roma organisations
now call for an immediate right to stay for these refugees.
Since the beginning of the Kosovo crisis, thousands of Roma have
become victims of atrocities by Albanian militias. More than hundred
thousand Roma from the Kosovo have fled from these atrocities and the
NATO warfare. Among all the families who reached so-called safety, not
one that didn't lose relatives, among all the expelled families, not
one whose property wasn't stolen or destroyed.

Germany must stay to its responsibility. Rape, murder and repelling
have become a horrible routine for the Roma in Kosovo. In contrast to
the beginning of the NATO operation, today none of the international
institutions feels responsible to help the Roma. Not one word about
German responsibility! No "Fascism never again! Stop the violence
against Roma!" out of the mouth of a German foreign or defense

The Holocaust of the Kosovo Roma is neither a subject matter in the
media, nor recognized by those who wanted to "bomb human rights back
on the Balkan" only a few months ago.

It is unbearable for us as Roma to see the Berlin Republic indulge in
self-adulation with a "Jewish Holocaust memorial" on the one hand,
while on the other hand the survivors of the German Holocaust and
their NATO Balkan war die a wretched death.

We call this a process of coming to terms with the past - by
continuing injustice!

We therefore require the federal government to stand to its
responsibility, both concerning the Holocaust, and as a consequence of
the participation in the Balkan war! For thousands of Roma there is no
coming back, they no longer have a home in Kosovo. For this people we
For all Roma refugees from the Kosovo currently residing in Germany,
an immediate right to stay.
To acknowledge all Roma refugees currently staying in Macedonia,
Serbia and Montenegro as contingental refugees and receive them in
Germany, like it is done with the Jews from the former Soviet Union.
The immediate abolition of the movement limitation for Roma refugees
in Germany!

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