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This short message just to make you familiar with a new NGO called ACC
(Association for Community Colleges). We are a multicultural European
association. The members represent about 30 different European
nations, cultures, identities, languages.... and we all work for the
possibility of running community colleges in Europe.
Please find us at to learn more about community
colleges. Feel free to join the informative chat on Saturday 12th
17.00 You will find the link to the chat at or
The ACC (Association for Community Colleges) in short:
What is ACC?
ACC is a non-governmental and non-profit European organization founded
by mainly young people from Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech
Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece,
Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, FYROMacedonia, the Netherlands,
Poland, Romania, FRYugoslavia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine and the United
What is the vision of the ACC?
ACC works for the development of an enlightened European debate on
questions and political problems shared by the Europeans. The main
idea of the ACC is that an outstanding way of promoting this objective
is the running of community colleges on a common European level. So
the vision is: lets cover Europe with community colleges.
What are Community Colleges?
ACC defines Community Colleges as schools
- starting from an idea and an object defined by a non-governmental
group of people (this could be interpreted as a principle of
- having as their ideal long lasting (preferably a minimum of one
month) boarding-school courses,
- organizing courses on topics of common (European) interest in
accordance with the idea of the group behind the school,
- "governed by culture" in the sense that life at the school is
characterized by local traditions and culture
- having adults as their target group; adults having the will to learn
and to pay part of the courses themselves
- without disturbing exams, degrees etc.
What does the ACC do?
The ACC is:
- promoting the idea of establishing a common European law supporting
community colleges
- organizing community college courses
- lobbying authorities to promote the idea of having common European
community colleges
- debating common European issues.

History of the ACC
The founders of the ACC have one specific common background. We all
took part in an international course at a Folk High School (Community
College) in Denmark. This special type of school and the common
character of the debate issue – in this particular case European
minority issues - formed the inspiration to the term Community
Colleges and to the idea of making similar courses in a much larger
scale on different but common issues. After a lot of debate, the ACC
was founded on August 11th, 1999. The statutory meeting took place on
the Internet. The statutes of the association were adopted and the
board of the ACC constituted itself. It consists now of the following
persons, who were present at the meeting:
- John Petersen (Ĺrhus), chairperson
- László Dani (Cluj/Kolozsvár), deputy chairperson
- Conchi Gallego (Madrid), secretary
- Jesper Nielsen (Aabenraa), treasurer
- Mjellma Mehmeti (Skopje), board member
- Linda Jakobsone (Riga), board member
- Siebren de Boer (Groningen), board member
- Eva Valvo (Pisa), substitute
- Josefine Listherby (Mariehamn), substitute
/The board, November 1999

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