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Re: Makhuldyur project

I would like to thank Helen Krag for her quick (and encouraging)
response to the original message concerning the Makhuldyur project in
Crimea.  Those who have little knowledge of the Crimean Tatar community
should know that it includes many very bright and energetic individuals,
and that the Crimean Tatars have a strong "self-help" tradition which has
played an important role in recent years as they attempt to re-establish
their presence in Crimea.

However, their return (to date, approximately 260,000 Crimean
Tatars have returned to Crimea) has been complicated by a number of
circumstances, including the terrible economic conditions in Crimea and
the hostility of many local administrative officials.  In addition, until
recently the Crimean Tatar community had very few contacts with the
outside world.  They are learning quickly, but still need a great deal of
assistance in establishing and strengthening such contacts. If Helen Krag
and others can help them, the Crimean Tatar community will be extremely

When I have more time I will post a message with some comments
concerning a visit which a small Canadian delegation made to Crimea last
summer, and which focussed on the situation of the Crimean Tatars.  In the
meantime, a good (and recent) source of information for those who would
like to "brief" themselves on the situation of the Crimean Tatars is a
report, produced by the Forced Migration Projects of the Open Society
Institute, entitled "Crimean Tatars:  Repatriation and Conflict
Prevention."  Those interested in this publication can get copies from the
Open Society Institute office in New York.

Ivan (John) Jaworsky

Dept. of Political Science
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Moderator adds: The FMP report mentioned above is available also via Internet
at  (full text) or (summary).


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