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Subject: Research and Exchange Program

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Research and Exchange Program

I thought this might be of interest to people on your network.  Please
note that the deadline
is earlier than that which has appeared in other places, most notably
our website:
it's officially March 1.  Those interested in applying should contact me
as soon as
possible, even if they think they cannot get the entire application in
by March 1.  The
program is fully funded and is open only to citizens of countries in
Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

An International Exchange & Research Project
Center for the Study of Human Rights
Columbia University
420 W.118th Street, Rm.1108
New York, NY 10025
(212) 854-2479 - Fax:(212) 854-6785


To respond to new challenges & opportunities to promote collaboration
between the world's religions and the contemporary human rights
Columbia University has established a training and research program for
religious leaders, human rights activists and scholars.  A major goal of

the Project is to promote interaction between religious communities and
the international human rights movement, as well as to enhance concern
for religious freedom and religious tolerance.  The aim is to help
develop self-perpetuating institutions promoting such interaction in
countries around the world.

The Project will organize annual research and exchange programs at
Columbia University for human rights figures.  During the first 3 years,

they will came from Central & Eastern Europe and the former Soviet
Each year, there shall be ten funded fellows, appointed as visiting
scholars at Columbia University. The program begins each September and
continues for four to seven months.  An international advisory board is
process of formation.

To Participate

Persons wishing to participate or institution wishing to host a fellow
a professional exchange, should contact the Center for the Study of
Rights.  Welcomed as individual applicants are men & women from human
rights organizations and/or religious groups in Central and Eastern
and the former Soviet Union.  The program is conducted in English and
fluency is required. The deadline for application to the program is
1, 1998.  Decisions will be announced eight weeks after the deadline.
Ten full scholarship will be awarded each year.  Further information on
the program and required application forms may be obtained from the
for the Study of Human Rights.

Program Activities

"Academic & Advocacy Skills Development"
The first part of the Fellows' program consists of a four-month academic

component during which the participants study religious freedom and
rights in their social context, together with national and international

standards, policies and practices.  The core of the program is a seminar

on "Religion, Human Rights, and Religious Freedon."  All participants
also required to take a basic course on "Human Rights & International
Affairs," as well as a course on a religious tradition other than their
own.  The academic courses are complemented by weekly training workshops

on selected advocacy skills.

"Professional Outreach"
Following the four-month academic program, the fellows will disperse to
work for three months with organizations around the world that
on religious freedom and religious tolerance.  The aim is to bring the
fellows into contact with organization enjoying notable records of
achievement in the field.  Placements are based on the need of both the
Fellows and the recipient institutions.  Institutions interested in
participating in these professional exchanges should contact the
(Please note that for funding reasons, this option may not be available
participants in the 1998-9 program.)

Integral to the Project are other initiatives to exchange information &
stimulate interest in and commitment to the promotion of religious
freedoms and religious tolerance.  Each fall, the Project organizes a
variety of event in New York featuring as speakers the Fellows in
residence, outside experts, faculty and leaders from the human rights
religious communities.  The Fellows also visit related programs at other

universities in the United States and meet for exchanges with the
of human rights and church-state organizations in the U.S.

"Research & Publications"
To focus the scholarly contribution of the program, an annual workshop
held in March to discuss recent research.  In addition to publishing the

best papers presented at the workshop, the Project will publish a series

of handbooks on specific issues for use by activists and teachers.
monographs will eventually be brought together  to form a single
or guide.



Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

In addition to the information requested below, please include the
following items in your application:
-  One copy of your resume or biography.
-  Two letters of recommendation from people who know your work and
-  An essay (500 word, single-spaced), addressing the questions
in item #15.

Mail  application and materials to:

 Center for the Study of Human Rights
 1108 International Affairs Building
 Columbia University
 New York, NY 10027
 FAX: 212-316-4578

DEADLINE:  March 1, 1998

Please PRINT or TYPE the following information clearly.

1. Name:  Mr._____ Ms._____ Dr._____ Rev._____other_____

 Male_____  Female_____

2.  Work  Address:


3.  Home Address:


4. Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year):

5. Place of birth (city and country):

6. Citizenship:
    Passport Number, Expiration Date:

    Number of Years in occupation:

8. Human Rights Affiliation (please describe your activities, positions
held, give organization name and address, list areas of interest:



9. Religious Faith or Community (if any):

10.  Organizations outside your country with whom you have worked
collaboratively, if any (please include contact information):

11. Education: List all universities/colleges attended, locations of the

institutions, dates of attendance (month/year), fields of study and
degrees with dates received.



12. English Language Proficiency:  Speaking:
   (Fair, Good, Excellent)  Reading:

13. Please give your employment history. Beginning with your current
give the name of the organization, dates of employment, title or
held and a brief description of your duties:



14.  Please list any previous trips to the United States, Canada or
Western Europe, with length of stay, reason for trip (i.e., study,
business, pleasure), sponsor, if any, and dates:

15. ESSAY: Write a short (500 word) essay discussing all of the
7 How would you define the problem of religious freedom in your country?

7 Discuss your experience in human rights and/or religious advocacy.
Discuss the types of skills you would be interested in developing. What
other benefits do you expect to gain from participation in this program?

> One requirement of this program is the study of a religion other than
one's own. Which faith would you choose to study and why?
> How do you anticipate using your experience in this program to further

your work in your home country? How will it help your organization
religious tolerance and human rights?

 To the best of my knowledge, the information given here is true,
and correct:


 Signature                                              Date

You will receive written confirmation from the Center for the Study of
Human Rights of receipt of your completed application.  If you have any
questions, please address them to:  Dr. Elizabeth A. Cole, Program
Coordinator, at the Center's mailing address, direct telephone
212-854-7189 or e-mail:

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