War Report and Transitions merged

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Subject: War Report and Transitions merged

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War Report and Transitions merged

The latest issue of War Report (No 57, December '97 - January '98) is the
last issue in the current format. Its publisher, The Institute for War &
Peace  Reporting, and Transitions monthly (Prague) announced their agreement
to merge to form the Institute for Journalism in Transition, a new
independent non-profit organization to support regional media and democratic
change. Besides other things, teh following is states in the announcement:
"We look forward to building new collaborative relationships with media and
journalists throughout East/Central Europe and the forner Soviet Union, and
with new institutional, media and foundation partners working on the

The content of the last War Report issue follows.  

News & Analysis: 

Kosovo: Turning point in Kosovo, by Denisa Kostovic; Kosovo Hits Back, by
Dejan Anastasijevic 

Albania: Altered States, by Fabian Schmidt

Serbia: A No-Win Situation, by Dragan Cicic

Bosnia: Minority Politics in RS, by lgor Gajic; Not Just the Victim, by
Gordana lgric; The Nato School of Journalism, by Tomas Miglierina

Croatia : Cooperation or Confederation?, by Emir Habul

Tribunal: Justice McDonald: Never Say Never, by Mirko Klarin
Georgia: Evasive Action, by Temo Cheishvili
South Ossetia: A Corridor to Peace, by Laurence Broers
Caucasus: Putting Business First, by Igor Rotar

Armenia: The People with Guns, by Mikael Danielyan

Azerbaijan: Aliev's Finest Hour, by Thomas Goltz

Landmines: The Largest Peace Movement, by Alex Vines 

Special Feature: Serb-Croat Relations-After Karadjordjevo:  

Introduction: Back to the Future, by Mark Wheeler

Presidents: Spitting Images, by Marinko Culic

Armed Forces: The Struggle for Supremacy, by Antonio Prlenda

Economy: Serbian Potatoes in Zagreb, by Dimitrije Boarov

Minorities: Learning the Four R's, by Milorad Pupovac; No Schools and No
Status, by Josip Stantic

Refugees: Victims of War and Peace, by Filip Svarm; Hidden Identities, by
Boris Raseta

Eastern Slavonia: Croatia's Challenge, by Drago Hedl; The Hope of NGOs, by
Predrag Zivkovic

Interview: Peter Galbraith: Erdut and After, by Drago Hedl

Media: A New Start for Local Journalism, by Ivana Subaric

Culture: The Potency of Pop, by Teofil Pancic
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