Turkish Ministry Demands Teaching in Turkish

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Subject: Turkish Ministry Demands Teaching in Turkish

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Turkish Ministry Demands Teaching in Turkish

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Turkish Ministry Demands Teaching in Turkish
ISTANBUL (Marmara) The teaching administration of the Turkish
education ministry issued a decree calling on all Armenian schools in
Turkey to teach all science courses in Turkish. This demand has
created outrage in the Armenian community.
The Istanbul-based Marmara Armenian daily newspaper reported that such
a decree undermines the existing procedure which enables Armenian
schools to teach any subject, except the Turkish language, in
Several years ago, a similar decree was issued but it was quickly
withdrawn following protests from the Turkish-Armenian community.
"The teaching of subject matters in Armenian is a right our schools
enjoy," wrote Marmara on the subject. "If all subjects are to be
taught in Turkish [except four to five hours of Armenian language
weekly] then what is the point of expending so much resources to
maintain and preserve our Armenian schools."
The newspaper also reported that the Turkish authorities have said
they would send Turkish teachers to schools, if the Armenian schools
are unable to teach those subjects in Turkish.
"At this juncture, when we are preparing to integrate with European
standards, how can the education ministry force such a initiative on
our schools," concluded the newspaper.
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