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Subject: Re: Czech Republic: New Act on Residence of Aliens

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Re: Czech Republic: New Act on Residence of Aliens

Please note that the correct address of the website which Marcus Pape
is referring to is
This is indeed an ill-planned and confusing measure where, according
to an article which appeared in the Czech press last week (RESPEKT
24-30 January 2000 "Na koho to slovo padne - Mame zakon diskriminujici
cizince"), the police itself is not only without any guidelines on
whom to apply these requirements to but also does not really know what
the purpose of these forms is. Some mention has been made of
"databases" which would use the information provided by foreigners in
the forms but no such databases exist and no plans have apparently
been made to send copies of these forms to an office where they may be
used. The decision to "pull out" someone from a vehicle can be based
solely on personal antipathies. Also, contrary to what certain
representatives of the Czech police have declared, it is not common
practice in European countries to require foreigners to carry on their
person a document with a photo with personal information.
It seems doubtful that this policy will actually be carried out due to
the increasing criticism abroad (Estonia for example protested
officially) and at home. This is yet another example of an ill-planned
policy which unfortunately shadows the positive steps taken in recent
times by the Czech Republic concerning human rights.
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