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Subject: www.eumap.org: Latest articles posted and a new call for papers 

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www.eumap.org: Latest articles posted and a new call for papers 

The Limits of the Law
January 17, 2002


The Romanian Legal Approach to Human Rights
"'Human rights' as a concept has penetrated Romanian society only in
the last twelve years, together with the emergence of democratic
Renate Weber

Minorities in Europe  the Divergence of Law and Policy
"The European Union has aspirations to further integration and
enlargement, creating a diverse, tolerant and multicultural
Libor Stepanek

Estonia, Latvia and the European Commission: Changes in Language
Regulation, 1999-2001
"Estonia and Latvia have each introduced 'integration policies' to
address the specific situation of their large minorities, mostly
Russian speakers...."
Vadim Poleshchuk

No Rights without Remedy: in Search of an ICHR
"There is no international court of human rights. At first glance,
this is surprising as human rights are an international affair par
Istvan Kantsin

Call for Papers


Gay and lesbians rights in EU accession

The EU Accession Monitoring Program is seeking articles and opinion
pieces on Gay and Lesbian Rights in Europe and in the EU enlargement

Full equality before the law requires that states not only ensure
non-discrimination against gays and lesbians in both law and practice,
but they must further secure for gay men and women the right to the
lifestyle they choose, without prejudice as to their other choices as
individuals, and with the full protection of the state. Full equality
in sexual orientation remains an aspiration in many European states,
whether members or candidates of the EU. Yet this is a clear and vital
element of the fundamental freedoms and human rights principles now
embedded both in the Union and the criteria for accession.

We invite papers on the general topic of gay rights within the EU
accession process, touching on law and practice at both EU and state
level, the specific problems in candidate countries, and the steps
that can be taken to address these through accession. Quality papers
will be featured on the Program website, www.eumap.org, with the
intention of framing and encouraging debate on this important issue.
Papers should be 1,500-2,000 words. Accepted authors will receive an
honorarium of USD 150-200.

Papers are invited on the following themes, for submission by 1 March

- Is EU legislation touching on issues important to gay and lesbian
rights adequate? Is it effective? If not, how should it be improved?

- Pride and Prejudice: Have EU member states made sufficient efforts
to ensure equality and eliminate prejudice against gays and lesbians
in their countries?

- What specific problems - legal and practical - are faced by gay men
and women in some/all/particular candidate countries?

- Good As You: Is there anything candidate states can learn from their
future European partners - or vice versa - in creating and encouraging
tolerance for non-hetero activities and lifestyles?

Please send papers to: submissions@eumap.org

Contact person: Stephen Humphreys

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