Act on European Community Colleges

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Subject: Act on European Community Colleges

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Act on European Community Colleges

Dear Madams/Sirs

Twenty young people from all over Europe got together in Aabenraa,
Denmark, and created a "Little Europe" by learning and living
together. During last week (27th Decemeber - 2nd January), this
"Little Europe" community wrote a proposal for a law creating a new
supplementing system of education on European issues: the Act on
European Community Colleges. 

This Act introduces a new framework for non-formal adult education
facing the challenges of the European integration. It will be
presented to the European educational authorities, within which it
will constitute the most challenging and discussed idea in the
official debate on educational issues in the nearest future. 

What does this original system of education consist of? No exams. No
essays. No more formal education. It is about learning from sharing
experiences, instead. It is e.g. about a German and a Hungarian from
Romania attending a Swedish lecture, and discussing the future of
Europe while drinking a Czech beer. 

In sum, European Community Colleges (ECCs) seek to promote debates on
common European issues by offering courses of general educative
nature. ECCs are boarding colleges in which participants and teachers
from different geographical, social and cultural identities live and
learn together.  

ECCs are inspired by the successful model of Danish Folk High School,
which have existed for more than 150 years. Yet, they are spreading to
several countries. For instance, a Community College course took place
in Transylvania last year. However, this platform for a different type
of education is unknown to most European countries.  

Taking into consideration that the possible legal implementation of
this Act will strongly affect the educational sectors of many European
countries, it is urgent to create a debate about it. The Act on
European Community Colleges is a unique opportunity to build a brand
new educational system that will refresh the old European academic

The initiative of gathering together such a representative group of
young people in order to write this proposal for a new law was taken
by the Association for Community Colleges (ACC). ACC is an NGO, which
aims to promote debates on European issues. 

A copy of the draft proprosal will be sent to you by e-mail.

For further information about the European Community Colleges or the
Act on European Community Colleges, please do not hesitate to contact
Contact persons:
Denmark: John Petersen,
Germany and Austria: Jan-Christoph Napierski,
Italy and France: Marzia Pistolesi,
Poland and Slovak Republic: Andrzej Pater,
Slovenia and Croatia: Dasa Bolcina,
Great Britain, Portugal and Spain: Helena Soares,
Romania and Hungary: Orsolya Arros,


Andrzej Pater, Warzaw,
Anna Nielsen, Ølstykke,
Bernard Borg, Birkirkara,
Dainis Lasmanis, Riga,
Dasa Bolcina, Trieste
Eva Valvo, Pisa,
Helena Soares Silva, Espinho,
Jan-Christoph Napierski, Haan,
John Petersen, Aabenraa,
Klara Tjernberg, Linköping,
Levente Geczi, Brasov,
Linda Jakobsone, Riga,
Ljupco Efremov, Kratovo,
Marzia Pistolesi, Ponsacco,
Mjellma Mehmeti, Skopje,
Orsolya Arros, Odorheiu,
Peter Ciaccio, Rome,
Rebeca Pavon de Paz, Collado Villalba,
Sandra Salmina, Riga,
Siebren de Boer, Ljouwert,
Silvia Cardi, Pisa.

Community shall contribute to the development of quality education by
encouraging cooperation between Member States and, if necessary, by
supporting and supplementing their action, while fully respecting the
responsibility of the Member States for the content of teaching and
the organisation of education systems and their cultural and
linguistic diversity."


ACC International Programme Office
Flensborgvej 48, A6
DK-6200 Aabenraa
+45 2425 3068
+45 7363 0043

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