Mercator working paper 5: Languages and institutions in EU

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Subject: Mercator working paper 5: Languages and institutions in EU

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Mercator working paper 5: Languages and institutions in EU

Dear all,

The new Mercator Working Paper nº5, "Languages and institutions in the
European Union" by Manuel Alcaraz Ramos (Full Professor of
Constitutional Law at the Universitat d'Alacant), is already on line
(, in Catalan and
English versions.

The Mercator Working Papers series of ongoing monographical works or
researches on linguistic rights, legislation or policies is part of
Mercator-Linguistic Rights and Legislation  program consisting of
three different areas: research, diffusion and documentation and
information service.

The current working papers that you can find on line are:

Working paper 1: the promotion of minority languages in Russian
Federation and the prevention of interethnic conflicts: the case of
Kalmykia, by Marc Leprêtre

Working paper 2: The main concepts in the recognition of linguistic
rights in European States, by Neus Oliveras Jané

Working paper 3: The political status of Romani language in Europe, by
Peter Bakker & Marcia Rooker

Working paper 4: The juridical defence of Rhaeto-romansh languages,
with particular reference to the Friulan case, by William Cisilino.

Working paper 5: Languages and institutions in the European Union, by
Manuel Alcaraz Ramos.

Within the diffusion area, we continue with the Mercator other on-line

- our BULLETIN, in which we publish legislative novelties (both
national and international) affecting the situation of minoritized
languages and their use in public spheres, as well as bibliographical
novelties and those in the internet.

- the DOSSIERS, which divulge part of the results of our work
concerning critical and documental research.

All these publications may be consulted and directly downloaded from
-Publication section-, or may be received in hard copy by means of a
free subscription, which you can submit to the following e-mail

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