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Subject: CfP: CECOB/ASN Special Convention, Italy, June 2002

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CfP: CECOB/ASN Special Convention, Italy, June 2002

Call for Papers 

"Nationalism, Identity and Regional Cooperation: Compatibilities and

Special Convention Centro per l'Europa centro orientale e balcanica 
in association with ASN 
Bologna University 
Forlė, Italy, 4-9 June 2002 

Deadline for Proposals: 31 January 2002 

The Centro per l'Europa centro orientale e balcanica, in association
with the Association for the Study of
Nationalities (ASN), is organizing a Special Convention at the
University of Bologna, Forli campus, in
Italy, on 4-9 June 2002. This special event will be held shortly after
the Seventh Annual ASN World
Convention, which is taking place on 11-13 April 2002 at the Harriman
Institute, Columbia University,
New York. (The deadline for the New York ASN convention is already
past). The Forlė Special
Convention is also being organized under the auspices of the Europe
and Balkans International Network
(EBIN), and with the participation of the Italian Association for
Slavic Studies (AIS), the European
Association for Comparative Economic Systems (EACES), Bologna
University, and the Municipality of

The Centro per l'Europa centro orientale e balcanica/ASN Special
Convention will feature several dozen
panels on the Balkans, the Baltics, the Caucasus, central Europe,
Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey,
as well as thematic panels on nationalism, conflict resolution,
democratization, demography, language
issues, geography, interpretations of history, ethnicity in film and
literature, and theoretical approaches to
the nation. It will be the biggest international scholarly convention
on the European continent for experts
on nationalism, identity and regional co-operation of Central Eastern
Europe, the former Soviet Union and
the Balkans. 

The general theme was chosen in order to stimulate extensive
discussions and diverse approaches among
international scholars, area specialists and policy experts. The three
key words in the theme, "Nationalism,
Identity and Regional Cooperation," can be approached both from the
perspective of their interaction and
for their specific features, by emphasizing their historical,
political, cultural, literary, linguistic, economic,
social, legal, anthropological, and geopolitical aspects. For
instance, the needs of an economy as regards
cooperation or autarky could be tackled either by taking into
consideration current events, or by
examining past experiences, or by in-depth analysis of one country in
particular. The same applies to all
disciplines. Organizers are thus inviting proposals covering a wide
range of approaches and topics touching
upon the compatibilities and incompatibilities arising from the
interplay of nationalism, identity and
regional cooperation. 

Proposals are invited for either complete panels or individual paper
proposals, and should normally
involve the presentation of prepared papers. Special consideration
will be given to panels reporting on
recent field or archival research, especially those that include
presentations by advanced graduate students
and/or junior faculty. The Program Committee also encourages the
submission of panel proposals that
include both women and men. Proposals for roundtables, i.e. of panels
containing presentations not based
on papers, should be submitted only when the topic clearly justifies
this format. 

Please observe the following restrictions on panel/roundtable
o No participant may present more than one paper at the convention 
o No participant may appear more than twice in the convention program 

Proposals can be emailed to the Program Chairs at 
Application forms, as well as full convention information, are
available on the web at 

For the special convention 2002, proposals partly or entirely
revolving around video, film, or audio-visual
material (including slides and PowerPoint presentations) are strongly
encouraged. As a rule, the
convention intends to show video or film material produced within the
past year or two. Throughout the
convention, one or two of the convention meeting rooms will be
exclusively devoted to the screening of
video material. All suggestions and proposals should be sent to the
Chair of the Video/Film Section,
Andrea Brandani ( 

The Special Convention will be held at Faculty of Political Sciences,
Forlė Campus, Italy. 

The Special Convention organized by the Centro per l'Europa
centro-orientale e balcanica will be held at
the Faculty of Political Science in Forlė during the first week of
June 2002. The opening session will be
held in the "Aula Magna" of the Department of Political Science, with
a keynote address by an Italian
policy maker or a prominent scholar on intercultural co-operation in
the Adriatic basin area. The
participants will be treated to a reception of welcome hosted by the
Mayor of Forlė at the Town Hall. 

The Convention will consist of four days of panels (June 5-8)
structured into sessions. Trips to historical
towns will also be organized on the days immediately preceding (June
4) and following (June 9) the
panels. Among the suggested destinations is Ravenna, at only 45
minutes by car from Forlė, which makes
a leisurely visit and an enjoyable afternoon possible. For Florence
and Venice, considering the greater
distance, we suggest a day trip that could be organized either on June
4 or June 9. 

Among the innovations of the Special Convention will be the greater
length of time devoted to the
morning sessions. As a consequence, the morning panels will last three
hours and the participants will be
able to discuss the themes at greater depth, facilitating the exchange
of opinions and experiences among
American, Italian, and Eastern European scholars. 

Convention registration will be held on June 5, between 9-12. The
first session is scheduled for June 5 at
2 PM. On June 6-8, the morning panels will begin at 9 AM, with
sessions running between 9-12, 2-4, and

The vast majority of proposals are expected to be sent by e-mail to
the Program Chairs, but proposals
sent by fax or regular mail are also accepted. 

The convention's coordinates are the following: 
Email: e-mail: 
Postal Address: Via Sigismongo Marchesi 12 - 47100 Forlė - Italy 
Phone +39/0543/21995 
Fax +39/0543/376879 

Registration fees are 40Euro for ASN, AIS, EACES or EBIN members, $60
for non-members ($30 for
east European non-members) and $25 for students. All panel
participants have to pre-register by 15 May
2002. Non-panel participants are also urged to pre-register early.
Please note that the Convention will be
unable to refund pre-registerees after 15 May 2002. Pre-registration
by panel participants and attendees
can be done electronically, by fax, or by regular mail. A registration
form may be downloaded at or may be requested from Marcella Del Vecchio

Participants are responsible for seeking their own funds to cover all
travel and accommodation costs.
Some grants are available to participants coming from eastern-central
and Balkan Europe, the former
Soviet Union, and Central Asia. 

A list of hotels is available at 
Participants and attendees are strongly encouraged to reserve as early
as possible. 

Publishers and companies are invited to exhibits and/or advertised in
the Special Convention Program.
Due to considerations of space, advertisers and exhibitors are
encouraged to place their order early. For
information, please contact Beatrice Capacci ( 

The convention papers will be available for sale at the Convention for
2Euro apiece. 

WEB SITE. Our website ( provides continuously updated
information on the Special
Convention and on activities of the Centro per l'Europa centro
orientale e balcanica. 

We look forward to seeing you at the convention! 

Program Chairs: Stefano Bianchini, David Crowe, Francesco Privitera 
Via Sigismondo Marchesi 12 
47100 Forlė - Italy 
Fax: +39/0543/376879 

Conventions directors: Dominique Arel, Beatrice Capacci, Marcella Del
Via Sigismondo Marchesi 12 
47100 Forlė - Italy 
Fax: +39/0543/376879 

Proposals must be sent by e-mail to 
Contract for book exhibit space must be sent by e-mail to 
Advertising on the Convention program must be sent by e-mail to 

For any other information please contact Beatrice Capacci or Marcella
Del Vecchio 
Phone:+39/0543/21995 - Fax 39/0563/376879 

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