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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

May 1998

31/05/98Felix Corley Estonia: Ingermanland Finns To Apply For Cultural Autonomy2k
31/05/98MINELRES moderator OSCE Newsletter vol.5 no.42k
30/05/98Eldar Zeynalov New Web site1k
30/05/98Greek Helsinki Monitor & Minority Rights Group - Greece Croatia: New Helsinki site3k
29/05/98Claude Cahn Roma in Bulgaria Threaten to Burn Themselves to Death2k
29/05/98Kosova Crisis Center Kosova daily report # 1443-B4k
29/05/98Felix Corley Slovakia ratifies the European Convention on Nationality4k
28/05/98Greek Helsinki Monitor & Minority Rights Group - Greece On a trial of a Greek in Macedonia11k
28/05/98Komives Peter COLPI job announcement5k
28/05/98Dimitrijs Alehins Re: List matters3k
27/05/98CEU - Centro studi per l'Evoluzione Umana CEU-IPV Advanced Course for Trainers on Human Rights3k
27/05/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings8k
26/05/98MINELRES moderator Transitions Vol.5 No.53k
26/05/98Moscow School of Human Rights National Conference on Human Rights Education4k
26/05/98Dimitrijs Alehins Thanks!!1k
21/05/98MINELRES moderator List matters1k
21/05/98Felix Corley Tver oblast teenagers attack Azerbaijani traders2k
21/05/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings: Czech Republic8k
20/05/98Clem McCartney Re: Training in conflict prevention1k
20/05/98Gillian Huebner Re: Training in conflict prevention2k
20/05/98Mari Fitzduff Re: Training in conflict prevention1k
20/05/98Alexander Ossipov Racism in Russia (III)8k
19/05/98Anna Matveeva Re: Training in conflict prevention2k
19/05/98Tanya Smith UN website in Russian2k
19/05/98Dimitrijs Alehins Training in conflict prevention1k
19/05/98Alexander Ossipov Racism in Russia (II)10k
18/05/98Alexander Ossipov Racism in Russia (I)9k
18/05/98Eldar Zeynalov Situation in Meskheti region13k
18/05/98Daniele Conversi Book information2k
13/05/98MINELRES moderator List matters1k
13/05/98Britt Elliott Fwd: OSI Network Library Program4k
13/05/98Panayote Elias Dimitras Kosovo Albanians And The Solidarity Of Their Ethnic Brethren10k
13/05/98Natalia Ablova Arrest of human rights worker in Kyrgyzstan3k
12/05/98George Tarkhan-Mouravi Fwd: ON-LINE PUBL.- Ethnic Conflicts in the Caucasus2k
12/05/98Panayote Elias Dimitras HR Watch Responds to OSCE and US Government's Criticisms9k
11/05/98G&V TransCaucasus: A Chronology: May 19983k
11/05/98MINELRES moderator New materials on the MINELRES web site2k
10/05/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings14k
10/05/98MINELRES moderator Mare Balticum No.5, 19984k
9/05/98Eldar Zeynalov Azeri was killed by racists in Moscow3k
9/05/98Rene Bekker Re: Anniversary2k
8/05/98George Tarkhan-Mouravi Fwd: New book on Caucasus conflicts6k
8/05/98Fernand De Varennes Latvia Citizenship Law Changes6k
8/05/98Ina Zoon Practical use: Framework Convention and Monitoring4k
7/05/98Farimah Daftary Re: Anniversaries2k
7/05/98Antti Korkeakivi Framework Convention and Monitoring2k
7/05/98Laszlo Kurti Re: Anniversaries...1k
6/05/98Lucie Horakova Info on cases needed1k
6/05/98Judy Young Re: Anniversaries...2k
5/05/98Stefan Troebst Conflict in Kosovo: Prevention Failed? (ECMI Working Paper # 14k
5/05/98John Jaworsky Newsline Crimea: Issue 75k
4/05/98MINELRES moderator Anniversaries...3k
4/05/98Lukas H. Meyer ECPR workshop report8k
3/05/98Panayote Elias Dimitras On Religious Freedom in Bulgaria5k
2/05/98Tanya Smith UN Job Opportunity8k
1/05/98Moscow School of Human Rights International Human Rights Conference in Samara3k