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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive


31/05/97Santa Latkovska New Journal on Human Rights
26/05/97MINELRES moderator New book on international organizations and citizenship conflict in the Baltics
23/05/97MINELRES moderator Ukraine FAQ Plus Project
23/05/97Eldar Zeynalov OSCE Documentation Request Form 1997
22/05/97Magda Opalski Two Central Asian Associations Web Sites
21/05/97Anna Stanislawska on EuroDialog
20/05/97Anastasija Liguta Resolution of the seminar on Russian education in the Baltics
20/05/97Eldar Zeynalov OSCE NGO Questionnaire (also offering ODIHR publications)
19/05/97MINELRES moderator CCPPP Newsletter No. 7
19/05/97Krzysztof Kwasniewski "Issues of Nationality" in Polish
18/05/97MINELRES moderator List matters
16/05/97Laszlo Kurti Re: New book on cultural identities in East/Central Europe
16/05/97Krzysztof Kwasniewski Re: Why NATO bombed the Serbs
16/05/97Vladimir Weissman re: WHY NATO BOMBED THE SERBS!!
15/05/97Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Congress announcement and call for papers
14/05/97Ingrida Palkavniece Re: New book on cultural identities in East/Central Europe
14/05/97Eldar Zeynalov Re: RFE/RL: Kosovo invisible parliament
14/05/97MINELRES moderator Paper on current situation in Albania
13/05/97Ivan Jaworsky RAND publication on Cooperation and Conflict in the fSU
13/05/97MINELRES moderator RFE/RL: Kosovo invisible parliament
13/05/97Laszlo Kurti New book on cultural identities in East/Central Europe
12/05/97Eldar Zeynalov Georgia: Decree on the repatriation of deported Meskhs
12/05/97MINELRES moderator Research workshop on civil society in fSU
12/05/97MINELRES moderator RFE/RL on citizenship policies in Gemany
11/05/97MINELRES moderator RFE/RL: excerpts from recent reports
10/05/97Alexander Roubin Russia: The Committee for Helping Refugees Homepage
9/05/97MINELRES moderator HR NGO on religious minorities in Rumania
9/05/97Magda Opalski Fwd: Soros Supplementary Grants Program
8/05/97Eldar Zeynalov Materials on minorities in Azerbaijan
8/05/97MINELRES moderator ERRC: latest issue of Roma Rights
8/05/97Ivan Jaworsky ERRC: Roma in Transcarpathian Ukraine
7/05/97MINELRES moderator Eurasia Research Center WWW
7/05/97MINELRES moderator Extremism study on the net?
7/05/97MINELRES moderator Belarusian Soros Foundation - further destiny?
7/05/97MINELRES moderator INCORE resources on conflict and ethnicity
7/05/97MINELRES moderator Anti-Semitism in Serbia
5/05/97MINELRES moderator The "Macedonian Oracle" (from soc.culture.albania)
5/05/97MINELRES moderator RFE/RL on Crimean Tatars & Latin Script
4/05/97MINELRES moderator Excerpts from recent RFE/RL reports
4/05/97MINELRES moderator Sarmatian Review (from soc.culture.polish)
4/05/97MINELRES moderator Conference in Crimea