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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

March 1998

31/03/98Dimitrijs Alehins Minority NGOs training seminars in Riga4k
31/03/98Justin Burke FM Alert, Vol II, No. 136k
31/03/98John Jaworsky IOM report on deported Meskhetians 4k
30/03/98MINELRES moderator Council of Europe conference on the ECRML7k
30/03/98Kurtmolla Abdulganijew Newsline on Crimea10k
30/03/98Panayote Elias Dimitras Balkan media coverage of Kosovo crisis2k
29/03/98Miroslav Mitrofanov Re: Minorities and Minority Rights in the Balkans4k
29/03/98Panayote Elias Dimitras LABYRINTH - Greek on line game against racism2k
29/03/98Ina Zoon Croatia request2k
25/03/98MINELRES moderator List matters1k
25/03/98Panayote Elias Dimitras Minorities and Minority Rights in the Balkans14k
24/03/98Panayote Elias Dimitras Amnesty protests trial of Macedonian of Greece5k
24/03/98MINELRES moderator OSCE Nesletter Vol.5, No.2, February 19982k
23/03/98MINELRES moderator IHF newsletter Vol.4, No.1, 19983k
23/03/98Tim Oliver MRG website (and some more links)1k
22/03/98Panayote Elias Dimitras Human Rights Problems in Croatia (Danube Region)9k
22/03/98Felix Corley FRY Seeks Council of Europe Membership3k
21/03/98MINELRES moderator Latvia: language legislation developments13k
21/03/98Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy CORRECTION to CCPPP Newsletter 10 - Winter 19982k
21/03/98John Jaworsky Citizenship issues in Crimea2k
20/03/98Kurtmolla Abdulganijew Crimean Tatars - citizenship5k
20/03/98Fernand De Varennes International Arbitration - Srebrenica2k
20/03/98Dominique Arel ASN web page announcement2k
19/03/98Canadian Centre for Philosophy and Public Policy CCPPP Newsletter #10 - Winter 19983k
19/03/98Panayote Elias Dimitras Greek media coverage of Kosovo crisis3k
18/03/98MINELRES moderator Transitions: Vol.5, No.3, March 19983k
18/03/98Panayote Elias Dimitras Human Rights Problems in Albania and Bulgaria2k
17/03/98MINELRES moderator Warreport - the final issue3k
16/03/98MINELRES moderator Apologies...1k
16/03/98Wim van Meurs Seminar on Labor Unions and Industrial Relations in Berlin6k
16/03/98Magda Opalski Democracy & Diversity: Summer Program in Krakov, 199812k
15/03/98Fernand De Varennes Re: National Court in Estonia on Language Law amendments3k
15/03/98MINELRES moderator Recent Romnews materials8k
15/03/98Andrei Arjupin National Court in Estonia on Language Law amendments2k
12/03/98MINELRES moderator List matters1k
12/03/98Besnik Pula Re: The Kosovo events - a subject for a new discussion6k
12/03/98Panayote Dimitras Special web page on Kosovo4k
12/03/98Kurtmolla Abdulganijew Crimean Tatars and Meskhetian Turks2k
12/03/98Cathy Gormley Re: Kosovo Internet Guide1k
11/03/98MINELRES moderator Personal reflections on incident in Riga8k
11/03/98Britt Elliott Fwd: Conference: Civil Society in Central Asia, Washington, DC7k
11/03/98Francesco Strazzari A few notes on Kosovo10k
10/03/98Jekaterina Dorodnova RFE/RL on recent events in Riga8k
10/03/98Alexander Ossipov Re: Meskhetians in Krasnodar Territory12k
10/03/98John Jaworsky New book on Crimean Tatars3k
9/03/98Francesco Strazzari Appeal on Kosovo6k
9/03/98Alexander Ossipov The Kosovo events - a subject for a new discussion3k
9/03/98John Jaworsky Fwd: WWW of Jewish Community of Poland2k
8/03/98MINELRES moderator New materials available by request and online2k
8/03/98Pavel Antonov One-sided articles can still be useful2k
7/03/98Arthur Martirosyan Re: Meskhetians in Krasnodar Territory7k
7/03/98Eldar Zeynalov Re: Criteria and making choice1k
7/03/98Britt Elliott Fwd: Human Rights Defenders (from Digest hr-news.v001.n172)4k
6/03/98Alexander Ossipov Meskhetians in Krasnodar Territory6k
6/03/98Jekaterina Dorodnova Re: Criteria and making choice2k
6/03/98Felix Corley Re: Item Selection & Rejection2k
5/03/98Arthur Martirosyan Re: Meskhetians are in a critical situation4k
5/03/98Besnik Pula Update on Drenica massacre (Kosova, Yugoslavia)6k
5/03/98Panayote Dimitras Human Rights Watch Condemns Violence in Kosovo8k
4/03/98MINELRES moderator Criteria and making choice...1k
4/03/98Christian Wellmann Re: MIC commentary on the report about Bulgarians in Macedonia3k
4/03/98Laszlo Kurti Re: MIC commentary on the report about Bulgarians in Macedonia3k
4/03/98Eldar Zeynalov Meskhetians are in a critical situation2k
3/03/98Magda Opalski Fwd: Russian Bill Threatens Internet Freedom7k
3/03/98Claude Cahn ERRC Press Release: CERD Czech Republic5k
2/03/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 96k
2/03/98Besnik Pula Events in Drenica region of Kosova (Yugoslavia)6k
1/03/98MINELRES moderator Recent Romnews postings6k
1/03/98Felix Corley MIC commentary on the report about Bulgarians in Macedonia5k