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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

March 2001

30/3/2001Ucha Nanuashvili Georgia: New Human Rights Web-Site1k
30/3/2001Nikolaos Xirotiris Symposium Announcement: 3rd Internat. Symposium on Ethnic Identities & Political Action in Post-Cold War Europe8k
29/3/2001Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 2711k
29/3/2001Edgar Goette Urgent query on Azeris in Armenia today2k
28/3/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL: Ukraine: The Specter of Disintegration7k
28/3/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: MMCP web updates: two new publications on-line2k
27/3/2001Igor Pimenov Statements of Conference on Russian-language schools in Latvia15k
27/3/2001Felix Corley Azeri paper publishes report on country's ethnic composition9k
26/3/2001Ariel Eliyahu Need for Expert: Gypsies from Bulgaria Asylum Case2k
26/3/2001Emil Cohen Tolerance Foundation: Annual Report on State of the Religious Freedom in Bulgaria in 200020k
25/3/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists14k
25/3/2001Mercator Mercator Bulletin (44), February 20013k
24/3/2001Michael Guet Meeting of Governmental Officials responsible for policies toward Roma, Budapest, 23-24 March6k
24/3/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Re: Roma Threatened in Macedonia2k
23/3/2001European Roma Rights Center AFSC Job Announcement: Program Director, Roma School Tolerance Program3k
23/3/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: RFE/RL: Hungary: Cabinet Approves Draft Bill on Ethnic Hungarians2k
22/3/2001Human Rights Project Bulgaria: Human Rights Project on eviction of Roma5k
22/3/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL: Poland: Seeking Truth About 1941 Pogrom5k
21/3/2001Eldar Zeynalov Azerbaijan: State adviser on the minorities' statistics3k
21/3/2001Joachim Frank Helsinki Committee of Macedonia: Relationship between the Security and Human Rights Situations7k
20/3/2001Arnold Stepanian Training course: empowerment of minority NGOs leaders in South Caucasus, Tbilisi, May and October 20013k
20/3/2001Philosophy Forum Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter: Issue 20, March 2001 (excerpts)17k
19/3/2001Florian Bieber Fwd: ECMI Brief: Communists of Moldova and the future of the country's ethno-political conflicts11k
19/3/2001Martin Demirovski Re: Roma Threatened in Macedonia2k
18/3/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists12k
18/3/2001Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Resignation of Repatriation Service Staff of Georgia3k
17/3/2001Ariel Eliyahu Fwd: Roma Threatened in Macedonia2k
17/3/2001Igor Savin 'Dialogue': Center for relgious tolerance in South Kazakhstan4k
16/3/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: AIM: Minorities in Post HDZ Croatia15k
16/3/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine Report, Vol. 3, No. 9 (excerpts)7k
15/3/2001Ariel Eliyahu Fwd: Roma Nation Day5k
15/3/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: RFE/RL: Proposal To Preserve Russian Schools In Estonia Rejected3k
14/3/2001Jonathan Cohen Workshop: Stability and Peace in the Caucasus: The Case of Nagorno-Karabakh, May 2-4, 2001, Loccum, Germany8k
14/3/2001European Roma Rights Center Geuzenpenning Award presented to ERRC3k
13/3/2001Emil Cohen Bulgaria: The European Court Found Bulgaria Has Violated Religious Rights8k
13/3/2001European Roma Rights Center Job announcement: ERRC Operations Director4k
12/3/2001UNITED Fwd: UNITED E-News6k
12/3/2001Ariel Eliyahu Roma in CEE: photographs needed for book; query on Roma presence in the media4k
11/3/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists11k
11/3/2001Dominique Arel 2001 ASN World Convention: Film Lineup10k
10/3/2001Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 269k
10/3/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: MA Degree Program in Minority Studies in Budapest1k
9/3/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: RFE/RL: Lithuania's only Russian-Language Daily Ceases Publishing2k
9/3/2001OMO Ilinden PIRIN Anti-Macedonian Campaign Mars Bulgarian Census4k
8/3/2001Ariel Eliyahu Fwd: Roma Radio Programme: search for contributors3k
8/3/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL: Can A Nationality Become An Ethnic Group?7k
7/3/2001Nadir Kamaladdinov CE Information Seminar on Minority Languages, Baku, 2 March 20015k
7/3/2001Igor Savin "Dialog", South Kazakhstan: Say "no" nationalism in CIS3k
6/3/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: HRP Conference: "Recent Mechanisms and Principles for Protection against Discrimination on Ethnic Basis and Bulgarian Legislation"4k
6/3/2001Ariel Eliyahu Report on Gypsy People in Israel, Gaza & West Bank - Year 20019k
5/3/2001Nadir Kamaladdinov Conference: Culture of Peace and Dialogue in Third Millenium, 28-30 March, Azerbaijan9k
5/3/2001Steve Olweean 9th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution, St. Petersburg, Russia, May 10-20, 20015k
3/3/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists12k
3/3/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: Publication: Europe and the Politics of Minority Rights2k
3/3/2001MINELRES moderator New on MINELRES website11k
2/3/2001Institute for War & Peace Reporting IWPR'S Caucasus Reporting Service: Armenia's Jewish community split9k
2/3/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL: Killing of Ukrainian in Poland Points up Old Enmity6k
1/3/2001Inga Beridze Seminar on IDPs, refugees', and national minorities, Tbilisi, May 6-12 20019k
1/3/2001Petra Kovacs MMCP Publication: Diversity in Action: Local Public Management of Multi-Ethnic Communities6k