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2nd call for applications for the Joint PhD Programme in Diversity
Management and Governance Content

The three-year English-taught Joint PhD Programme in Diversity
Management and Governance offers specialized interdisciplinary and 
comparative academic training in the study of various forms of diversity, 
be it ethnic, cultural, linguistic, regional, religious, social or sexual, 
and its management. Conflict prevention and management theories,
reconstruction and reconciliation of divided societies after violent
conflicts and political tensions, integration policies and the
establishment of good governance throughout Europe are in focus in this
Joint PhD Programme.

Target group

Highly motivated international students with a strong record of academic
success. Graduates of master studies or equivalent from the fields of
Law, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities can be admitted to the
programme. Graduates from other fields of studies can be admitted only in case 
the completed programme is judged to be suitable content-wise by the
university for which the student applies.

Partner Universities

   - University of Graz (Austria)
   - University of Primorska (Slovenia)
   - New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria)
   - University of Bologna (Italy)


Students have to spend at least one academic year at one of the partner


Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded a
jointly conferred PhD degree automatically recognized in the countries
of all consortium partners.

Deadline for application

30 June 2010. Applications are to be sent by e-mail to the following
e-Mail address: elisabeth.mueller@uni-graz.at.

Further information and application form available at:
or by contacting Ms Elisabeth Muller at

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