MINELRES: MMCP 2010 Diversity Training Jamboree

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Sun Jun 27 18:31:41 2010

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The Managing Multiethnic Communities Program (MMCP) invites applications
for its 2010 Diversity Training Jamboree. 

Date: October 7-13, 2010
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Application deadline: August 18, 2009
Selection notification: August 25, 2010

Applicants may apply to attend one of three modules:

1: Ethnic Diversity and Conflict Management
2: Global and Regional Minority Protection Norms in Local Governance 
3: Inter-cultural Skills in Local Government

For more information on MMCP's diversity trainings, individual modules,
the trainers, and the application process, visit:

Applications should be submitted on-line. To apply, visit the above

MMCP is an in-house program of the Local Gvoernment and Public Service
Reform Initiative (LGI) of the Open Sosciety Institute - Budapest.
Visit: http://lgi.osi.hu

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