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Dear all, 

The Treatises and Documents - the Journal of Ethnic Studies welcomes the
submission of scientific articles for the next issue of the journal in
December 2010. The Journal is published since 1960 by Institute for
Ethnic Studies in Ljubljana (Slovenia), established in 1925 and nowadays
the oldest institute for minority issues in Europe. 

The editorial board welcomes the submission of articles in the field of
ethnic and minority studies, especially on racial and ethnic relations,
ethnic identity, nationalism, xenophobia, protection of (ethnic,
national, linguistic, religious, and other) minorities, migration,
multiculturalism and related subjects. The journal is particularly
interested in discussions regarding ethnic and minority issues in the
so-called Alpine-Adriatic-Panonnian area and all comparative studies,
which include  only partially or as a whole - this geographic area.
This area comprises the Alpine arc, hinterland of the eastern Adriatic
and Panonnian Basin. More technically, this area includes the following
countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech
Republic, Italy, Germany (especially the southern part), Hungary,
Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Also
Macedonia and Bulgaria might be interesting cases. 

About the journal:

Guidelines for contributors:

Deadline for submission: September 1, 2010. Articles should be submitted
to editortd@guest.arnes.si. 

Best regards, 

Barbara Kejzar

Editor of the journal 
Institute for Ethnic Studies
Erjavceva 26
SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +38601 2001886

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