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Roundtable on Roma inclusion and human rights implementation at the
local level (27/05/2010) 

On 27/28th May 2010, The European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
will host a Roundtable on Roma in Bucharest, Romania, entitled: ‘Roma
Inclusion and Human Rights Implementation at the Local Level'. The
Roundtable is held in cooperation with Roma Civic Alliance and it will
bring together European Commission, local authorities, representatives
of EU MS, NGOs, Romanian Equality body, and international organisations
working in the field of Roma: the UN, the Decade of Roma Inclusion and
the Council of Europe.  The Roundtable follows on the II EU Roma Summit
held by the European Commission and the Spanish Presidency of the EU on
8-9 April 2010 and FRA Roundtable with Romani women networks "On a Road
to Equality".

The Agency numerous studies and survey on the situation of Roma and
Travellers show discrimination, harassment and social exclusion of Roma
needs to be addressed urgently.  The best use of EU structural funds
will be explored, and how local authorities can draw from these,
implement Human Rights at the local level, and be inclusive of the needs
of Roma: reducing social inequalities, increasing gender equality,
combating discrimination.  Models of good practice of service at the
local level from earlier Agency's reports published last year, ‘Housing
Conditions of Roma and Travellers in the European Union' and 'The
situation of Roma EU citizens moving to and settling in other EU Member
States', and examples given by representatives of Romani grassroots
organisations and of local authorities will be discussed, and the needs
of local authorities will be assessed to allow learning among local


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