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International Summer School on Human Rights
We are pleased to inform that the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
is organizing the 20th International Summer School on Human Rights. The
School will be held in Warsaw-Miedzeszyn, Poland, between 20 and 27
The School is intended for human rights activists, university teachers
and representatives of institutions from all levels of public
administration dealing with human rights issues from Central, Eastern
European and CIS countries. We regret to inform you that our offer is
limited only to those who have not yet participated in our Summer or
Winter Schools. The program is open to university graduates or
final-year university students. Our program combines lectures and
workshops on the historical and philosophical background of human
rights, domestic and international systems of human rights protection as
well as the applicability of rights of primary importance (see programme
attached). The lectures will be given by renowned professors, university
teachers and experts in the field of human rights and international law.
English and Russian are the working languages of our Summer School. The
ability to communicate freely in one of the above is required. 

Participants (65 people in total) will be chosen by a selection
committee on a competitive basis. Out of 65 participants, 30 can attend
the School free of charge (organizers will cover accommodation in double
rooms and meals during the course). 

The other 35 people may participate in the School under the condition
that they cover expenses themselves (please see the application form). 

Lectures and workshops, translation of classes, educational materials,
medical insurance while on the territory of Poland are free of charge to
all participants provided that they attend all classes.
Read more on http://www.hfhrpol.waw.pl/news196-en.html

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