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Dear List Members,

HREA offers a new distance learning course on "Human Rights of Migrants,
Migrant Workers and Their Families" from 4 February until 14 April 2009.

This distance learning course explores the human rights of migrants
under international law, concentrating on the application of these
international legal regimes on migrants and their families, both regular
and irregular. It will commence with the participants acquiring a firm
understanding of the current definitions and issues relating to the
human rights of migrants. The course will proceed to provide a
comprehensive overview of the distinct but over-lapping international
legal regimes on migration and explore the extent and limits of state
sovereignty on migration issues. The bulk of the course will be devoted
to examining each of these international legal regimes and how they
protect the rights of migrants and their families. The course will also
assimilate the current discussions on migration management from the
perspective of human rights advocacy. Throughout the course, a strong
gender-perspective is integrated in all the discussions and conclusions.

The course is inter-disciplinary in its approach and draws on readings
from the migration policy discourse, international relations, and
international law. Knowledge of human rights and international law is
beneficial, but not a prerequisite. In ten weeks of learning, discussion
and interaction, an experienced course instructor will guide
participants through the readings, discussions and assignments. She will
provide information in form of on-line reading material, including
web-casts and videos, use of external websites and in weekly
"mini-lectures". The course involves approximately 50 hours of reading,
on-line working groups, assignments, Internet chats and interaction
among students, the instructor and invited guests, and is offered over a
10-week period beginning on 4 February 2009. The course will integrate
active and participatory learning approaches within activities and
assignments, with an emphasis on reflective and collaborative learning.
Participants will do the required reading, prepare assignments,
including case studies, and participate in group discussions.

Application deadline: 7 January 2009.

For further information and online application, please go to: 

Best wishes for the new year!

Frank Elbers

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