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please see attach, some new information about the Armans

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Yiani Mantsu
President of Macedonarman Council



Press Report

The Armans (the Macedonarmans), one of the oldest  European peoples,
aware of their history, national unity and common historical motherland,
represented by several associations based in the  countries they live in
as part of their historical motherland, such as  Albania, Republic of
Macedonia (FYROM) and Bulgaria, as well as by associations living in
Diaspora, such as Romania and other countries, have decided to establish
The Council of the Armans (CA), which was registered, in July 2008, as a
legal entity with the Department of Justice in Tirana, Albania.

The seat of the Council was established at Moscopole/Albania, a place of
symbolic value for this people with a unitary language, and whose
traditions have deep roots in the ancient Macedonian heritage. 
The Arman(Macedonarmans) associations in the countries mentioned above,
which are constituents of this non governmental organization, have
mutually taken this decision as a result of  their meetings held in 2005
at Moscopole, Albania, and 2007, at Disentis, Switzerland. 

The objective of the Council of the Armans is to federate all the Arman
groups, associations, who adhere to the principles stated in its statute
and who have an interest in the actions and activities undertaken by the

The objectives of the Council of the Armans(Macedonarmans) are set out
in Chapter III of the Statute.

The CA is particularly preoccupied by gaining recognition for the
Armans(Macedonarmans), in each Balkan country, where they have been
living organized in communities since time immemorial, as a distinct,
autochthonous, and regional people, who speaks its own millenary
language dating back to the ancient Macedonia.

The Council of the Armans (Macedonarmans) will support the demands of
its people concerning their getting the ethnic minority status or that
of a constituent people, as it is set out by the European Union
legislation and will follow up to assure that all the due rights
provided by the statute are granted and respected.

The Council of the Armans (Macedonarmans) will stand for and act on
behalf of all regional, national, and international Arman organizations
it consists of. In this capacity, the Council will be empowered to
intervene on their behalf, on their demand, by the regional, national,
and international representatives with regards to the support and
granting of their demands.

The objective of the Council of the Armans is to assure coordination,
collaboration and fulfillment of all initiatives contributing to the
preservation and promotion of the Arman language, traditions and all
cultural values.

The Council of the Armans (Macedonarmans) understands its role
concerning the protection of all the Armans regardless of their social
or political commitment, wherever they live, whenever their ethnic
cultural interests are hurt or endangered.

As it is stated in the Statute, the Council of the Armans is committed
to do everything within its power in order to assure good rapport not
only between the Arman organizations and the international structures
with which they keep in touch, but also between the Arman organizations
within the same geographical area, the southeast Europe, as well as in
other distinct countries.

Finally, the Council of the Armans (Macedonarmans) aspires to become an
associate of the debates and programs of the European Council as well as
of other European and international organisms concerned about and
fighting for the protection of human rights and the rights of the
national minorities. 

By their nature, the Armans have always had a social disposition and
have played as a link between the people among which they have lived,
thus contributing to the formation and development of the Balkan
national states. In other words, we can say that the modern history of
the Arman people is the history of the national states, to which they
have always been faithful citizens. Therefore, the Council of the Armans
wishes to be a new, modern linking bridge between the Armans and the
people they have been living together with for centuries, thus building
up together the united free Europe of tomorrow.

Council of Armans (Macedonarmans)
Executive Board

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