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Welcome to the Minority Rights Group International (MRG) email bulletin.
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January 2008

Campaign Updates


Trouble in Paradise Campaign in support of Kenya’s Endorois community is
drawing to a close. We hope to have 400 signatures by the end of January
2009 – help us meet our target and encourage your friends and family to
sign the petition at
to press for a fairer deal from tourism for the Rift Valley’s indigenous

MRG will collect all of the signatures together with your comments and
hand the petition over to the Endorois community, the Kenyan government
and local tour operators. This petition - and its demonstration of
global solidarity - will provide a vital boost to the Endorois' struggle
to reclaim their ancestral land. Please send any further comments and
messages of support to paradise@mrgmail.org.

Check out photos of the Endorois on MRG’s Flickr photostream
http://www.flickr.com/photos/minorityrights/ and join our Facebook

for communities combating climate change

The UN failed indigenous people once again – crucial international
negotiations ended in December with indigenous demands ignored. We at
MRG aim to keep up the fight to get the Indigenous communities heard and
have them included in future talks on climate change. Join our fight by
signing on to our Show of hands campaign. We have so far collected 837
signatures but we need more
Please also pass on the link to your friends and family so we get more
people signing up.

We are planning to compile a list of all the interesting comments we
have on our site. If you are from an indigenous or minority community
and have comments or photos on the impact of climate change please
e-mail us showofhands@mrgmail.org

Join our facebook Show of hands fans Page
and give us your comments and suggestions. You can also join our A Show
of Hands group on flickr and Care2 to support our campaign.

MRG's World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples

The World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples
<http://www.minorityrights.org/directory> covers 220 of the world's
countries and dependent territories, and features profiles of about 700
minorities/indigenous peoples.

News Features

Education and minorities

More than 200 people, including sustained representation from over 50
state delegations, attended the first United Nations Forum on Minority
Issues, held in Geneva on 15-16 December. The Forum was opened by the
President of the Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner on Human
Rights and the Forum Chair (Viktoria Mohacsi from Hungary).


UN climate change negotiations fail indigenous peoples

The UN climate change conference ended on December 12th in Poznan,
Poland, with states turning a blind eye to Indigenous peoples’ call for
a resolution to set up a mechanism to enable them to input into future


Blogs and other updates

MRG intern, Aimee Griffin, attends a church service in London and
meetsIraqi Christians in exile whose dreams of returning to their
homeland are rapidly fading.


Meet the campaigners – Fakteh Zamani

All over the world, ordinary women, men, and children are fighting for
the rights of their communities to be recognized. Fakhteh Zamani spoke
to MRG about her work in support of Iran’s minorities.


MRG in the News - A selection of MRG’s news coverage over the past month

Las minorias quieren mas protagonismo en decisiones sobre el cambio

Native Peoples Out in Cold at Warming Meet

Inheemsen buitenspel op klimaattop Poznan

What’s New?

Launch of new MRG reports
A Double Bind: The Exclusion of Pastoralist Women in the East and Horn
of Africa

Pastoralist as a community remain highly marginalised in the east and
Horn of Africa but the Pastoralist women face discrimination on two
folds, from the mainstream as well as within the community by virtue of
being women. They are far less able to take part in issues that affect
their life directly. Discrimination means lack of opportunity for
political and social participation at local and national level.
Pastoralist women’s lack of representation at every level of governance
results in more social, economic and political marginalisation.


The Right to Learn: Batwa Education in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

The Batawa community has identified education as their most important
priority but the vast majority of Batawa don’t have access to school.
They see education as a way of changing their social position and living
with self-esteem and dignity. Most importantly education can take them
out of poverty and end the social exclusion of the Batawa.


New MRG briefing paper: Minority Tribes in Botswana: the Politics of

Botswana is a democracy and a politically stable African nation but
Botswana law discriminates against non-Tswana groups. This briefing
paper highlights the harsh consequences of non- recognition of these
ethnic groups. It also show the positive effects integration can have on
the country and the economy. 


All MRG publications can be downloaded on our website on

Jobs and internships at MRG

Regional Information Officer - Latin America, Asia and Africa

MRG is about to embark on an exciting new global programme that will
train minority activitists in media skills and encourage them to submit
materials and stories to EU based media. We are seeking an experienced
journalist or media officer with a great track record to train, support
and advise minority communities on EU media (including print, TV, radio
and online).

Latin America Post

Deadline for completed applications: 30th January 2009 Gross Salary US$
1,500 per month. 

This is a part time post, initially for 3 days per week funded until
December 2011. We may negotiate an increase in working hours if we have
sufficient resources. We would expect the post holder to be based in any
country in Latin America and work from home. The post holder will be
expected to work closely with MRG's partners on this programme in Peru,
Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia. For details and application form please
see the ' Employment Opportunities and Internships ' section of MRG’s


Asia Post

Deadline for completed applications is 27th January 2009. 

Salary 1300 - 1500 $ before tax per month. This is a part time post,
initially for 3 days per week funded until Dec 2011. We may negotiate an
increase in working hours if we have sufficient resources. We would
expect the post holder to be based in any country in Asia and work out
of their home. The post holder will be expected to work closely with
MRG's partners on this programme in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. For
details and application form please see MRG's website.


Africa Post

Deadline for completed applications is 30th January 2009.

Salary and other post details to be negotiated. The post is funded until
December 2011. The post will be based in MRG’s regional office in


To view other MRG employment opportunities please visit

Coming up

Launch of new report - Forgotten or assimilated? Minorities in the
education system in Turkey
Expected to be launched in March 09, see MRG website for more details.


Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is a non-governmental
organization working to secure the rights of ethnic, religious and
linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide, and to promote
cooperation and understanding between communities.

MRG is a registered charity no. 282305, and has consultative status with
the United Nations Economic and Social Council and observer status with
the African Commission for Human and Peoples' Rights.

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