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Multilingualism, Regional & Minority Languages: Paradigms for ‘Languages
of the Wider World’

Venue: School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London 


This international conference is organised jointly by the SOAS-UCL
Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Languages of the Wider
World (LWW CETL) (UK, www.lww-cetl.ac.uk) and the MERCATOR European
Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning of the Fryske
Akademy (The Netherlands, www.mercator-research.eu).

All people have the right to learn and use their mother-tongue, and to
learn a second and third language.  This formal right is often absent
and its use in practice is often less well guaranteed and less developed
than should be the case, especially for speakers of smaller languages
variously labelled as ‘regional’, ‘minority’, ‘immigrant’, ‘community’
(including sign languages), ‘heritage’ languages, etc.  The conference
will focus on theoretical and empirical work in research and
implementation of teaching and learning models and strategies for
language learning. 

The conference will combine the fields of interest of the partner
institutions. The SOAS-UCL LWW CETL focuses on languages of Asia, the
Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. 
The focus of MERCATOR and the Fryske Akademy is on language learning and
language transmission of Regional and Minority Languages and smaller
state languages in Europe.  This conference will bring together
researchers and practitioners from these various fields to define,
analyse and explore new directions and paradigms for ‘Languages of the
Wider World’. It will also provide opportunities for further research
and future collaborations. 

Confirmed keynote speakers are:
Professor Viv Edwards (University of Reading), Robert Bibeau (Quebec),
Professor Durk Gorter (University of the Basque Country)

Proposals are invited for papers on following themes and topics:

1) Language Transmission outside the school: Topics for submission could
include multilingual and multicultural pre-school and outside school
provision and opportunities; family support and links to achievement,

2) Multilingual Education: Topics for submission could include
educational models, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL),
European Language Portfolio (ELP), Common European Framework (CEF), etc.

3) New technologies in teaching and learning languages: Topics for
submission could include video conferencing, and other information
technology, distance education (incl adults), ‘Individual learning
routes’ (without teacher), etc.

4) Social benefits & costs of multilingualism: Topics for submission
could include added value to society, communities and their identities
and languages; wider perspectives of the EU and other regional and
national policies towards multilingualism; dyslexia, stuttering, etc.

To submit a proposal, please write an abstract of no more than 250
words, indicating the appropriate theme from above, and send it to

DEADLINE: 17.00 on 23rd January 2009

Responses from the conference organisers will be sent by email by 6th
February.  Please note that the working language of the conference will
be English and, unfortunately we are not able to provide interpreting

For further information, please contact James Grindrod at

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