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The Protection of Minorities in the Wider Europe, ed. by Marc Weller,
Denika Blacklock and Katherine Nobbs. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan,

Set in the context of an ever-expanding European Union, this book
examines whether we are moving towards an integrated regional system of
legal provision for minorities. It illustrates the central tension
between newer member states, many of which have a keen interest in
seeing minority issues addressed, and established members, which remain
extremely hesitant in committing themselves fully to a minority rights
regime.  With expert contributions from both academics and
practitioners, this book analyses the issue of minority rights in
Europe, from historical, institutional and practical perspectives, to
build a holistic picture of the development, institutionalization and
problems of legal provision for minorities. Addressing the past, present
and future of the European minority rights regime, this volume is an
essential companion for anyone with an interest in minority issues
and/or EU expansion.

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