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New issue of The Equal Rights Review published by ERT  
London, 9 January 2009  
Today, The Equal Rights Trust published the second issue of The Equal
Rights Review (ERR), an interdisciplinary biannual intended as a forum
for the exchange of legal, philosophical, sociological and other ideas
and practical insights for those who are promoting equality. It contains
innovative theoretical articles, legal commentary, policy oriented
analysis and advocacy reports as well as testimonies of victims of
discrimination. This issue also contains a special section on the
Declaration of Principles on Equality which was launched by ERT in
October 2008.
The journal is available in print as well as online. 

Contents of Volume Two (2008): 

Editorial: Vote for Equality! 


Paola Uccellari: Banning Religious Harassment: Promoting Mutual
Tolerance or Encouraging Mutual Ignorance? 

Shanon Shah: Freedom of Expression and Religious Harassment:  An
Artist’s Perspective 

P. Imrana Jalal: Legal Protection against Discrimination in Pacific
Island Countries 


The Declaration of Principles on Equality: A New Covenant for the 21st

Declaration of Principles on Equality 

Dimitrina Petrova: The Declaration of Principles on Equality: A
Contribution to International Human Rights 


Violence, Extreme Poverty and Inequality: the Voices of Civilians
Trapped in Conflict in Northern Sri Lanka 


Promoting a Paradigm Shift – ERT talks with Gabor Gombos and Gerard
Quinn about the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
and its Optional Protocol 


Ivan Fiser: The Equal Rights Trust Advocacy 

Update on Current ERT Projects 

ERT Work Itinerary: May - December 2008 

To read The Equal Rights Review, Volume Two please click here:

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