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Dear colleague,

I would like to present a new publication on migration and mobility,
just released in Timisoara (December 18, 2008)

Migration, Mobility and Human Rights at the Eastern Border of the
European Union - Space of Freedom and Mobility
Editors: Grigore Silasi and Ovidiu Laurian Simina
Editura Universitatii de Vest, Timisoara (Romania)
ISBN 978-973-125-167-7

The edited volume is already on the web at the following websites:

I would like to ask you to largely disseminate this book by forwarding
this message and by posting the e-form of the book (downloadable from
the links above) on your website, if possible (if the website policy
accepts this, of course). As being funded by the European Commission
(Jean Monnet Programme), the book aims to be free downloaded/distributed
in order to reach a wide audience.

I would be happy to have your opinion(s) about this volume as delivered
to my mail-box. Thank you very much for your kindly support.

Please have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!

Yours sincerely, Ovidiu SIMINA

Ovidiu SIMINA (Mr.)
O.P.1 - C.P.372, 010145 Bucuresti 1, ROMANIA
Tel: +40.722.664.130; Fax: +40.356.814.937
E-mail: ovidiusimina@yahoo.com;

- Ministerul Internelor si Reformei Administrative,
Cabinetul Secretarului de Stat pentru relatia cu Parlamentul
si afaceri europene - consilier; 
Web: http://www.mira.gov.ro 

- Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara, doctorand
Web: http://www.migratie.ro;


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