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Romania's Romany Representatives Gather in Single Organization

Approximately 600 leaders of Romania's Romany community from all over
the country convened in Bucharest on Sunday, September 2 to set up the
National Chamber of Romany Representatives (CNRRR), a single
organization to represent the Romas of Romania nationwide and

According to the statutes of the new body, the CNRRR is the first body
of national representation gathering the civic and political forces of
the Romany community with the aim of defending the rights and
fundamental freedoms of this ethnic community.

The CNRRR is entitled to struggle for justice and observance of equality
and peaceful coexistence of the Romany community and other citizens of
Romania. It would also like to file candidates for the future local and
national elections in Romania.

Deputy Nicolae Paun stressed out that CNRRR will be a democratic
institution of pressuring the state institutions on improving the ethnic
Roma living standard.

Nicolae Paun said the people guilty for this situation are the political
party from 1990 and until now, the state institutions, as well as some
ethnic Roma leaders that directed the ethnic Roma votes to certain
political parties and who even registered in some political parties.

He accused the politicians of intolerance, exclusion and racism, which
caused ethnic Romas uncontrolled actions in the relation with the state

Despite of the optimist declarations, CNRRR could not say it represents
all the ethnic Romas in Romania as long as their representative
organizations, including the Civic Alliance of Ethnic Romas and the
Christian Center of Ethnic Romas, are not part of this department. The
Christian Center led by the self-called King Florin Cioaba withdrew from
CNRRR in the last moment, without explaining the reasons leading to this

According to statistics with the CNRRR, at 2.5 million people, the
Romany community is making up 11 percent of Romania's total population. 


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