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E-NEWS 4/09/07: Order material International Day Against Fascism

Order FREE material (please order the free material as soon as possible
so that it can be delivered still in time)


Act Against Intolerance         -       Join the campaign!
'European List of Activities'   -       Inform us about your activity
Order form                      -       We can send material up to 
                                        2 kilos for free!

UNITED for Intercultural Action provides you with attractive campaign
material like posters, postcards and stickers and produces a 'European
List of Activities'. Below you can find an e-mail form to inform UNITED
about your activities and to order free material to help your activity
to become a success!

**Join the campaign! International Day Against Fascism And Antisemitism:
The focus of the campaign around the 9 November is to join forces and
build a strong movement capable of fighting fascism in all its forms.
Anti-fascist, anti-racist, Jewish and Roma organisations both inside and
outside the UNITED network commemorate the "Kristallnacht", which took
place on 9 November 1938. This partly state-organised pogrom against
German Jews symbolises the beginning of the Holocaust. The commemoration
has taken a new meaning as we remember not only the victims from 1938,
but also campaign against rise of neo-Nazism and racism in Europe today,
and show support for the recent victims of racist and fascist attacks.
If you decide to organise an event, please inform UNITED. We will
publish a List of Activities on Internet and we can provide you with
free material, like posters and postcards.

"Act Against Intolerance!"
Nowadays, right-wing extremism is an increasing force in the entire
continent. Hate crimes against vulnerable people are turning into a
permanent and invisible Night of Broken Crystals. Official and
unofficial reports show that the number of hate crimes has been growing
enormously during the last years.
According to the European Crime and Safety Survey of the Fundamental
Rights Agency, 9 million people have experienced some form of hate
crimes in 18 European countries in 2004. Extreme right political parties
gain influence and are elected into democratic institutions. It seems
that lessons of the past are not painful enough to avoid intolerance in
the present. Thus, European citizens have to tackle hatred and
intolerance with great determination.
Last year organisations from over 40 European countries contributed to
the November 9 campaign. With your help and engagement we can also make
this year's campaign successful and effective.
Join the campaign and act against intolerance!

**Let us campaign together!**
UNITED for Intercultural Action links various activities and highlights
the issues of fascism and antisemitism on the European level.
Linked through UNITED, more than 560 organisations and youth
organisations work together on a voluntary basis.
For more campaign information: http://www.unitedagainstracism.org (under

**'European List of Activities' - Inform us about your activity**
To make sure also your activity is included in the 'European List of
Activities', documenting all the different activities during the
campaign and the strength of the antifascism movement, send any
information to UNITED, either by fax (+31-20-6834582) or e-mail
The list is regularly updated on http://www.unitedagainstracism.org
(under 'campaigns')


**Reaction form**

RETURN! this form to: info@unitedagainstracism.org

YES,    our organisation wants to join the campaign around 9 November.

type of activity:
web site:

Are you aware of other activities organised in your country?
Please be as concrete as possible: date, type, themes, location, contact


**Order form**

RETURN! this form to: info@unitedagainstracism.org as soon as possible
to have the free material delivered in time!

Order campaign material for free (only in Europe)! UNITED can send up to
2 kilos campaign of material free of charge, please calculate how many
copies you want. For more than 2 kilos we ask for contribution towards
the mailing costs but if you need more free material for special
purposes don't hesitate to contact us.

Quantity (16 gram /copy)

......... (max. 100)   'Act Against Intolerance' (new edition 2007) 
(see gif)
Backside: campaign information 2007: how to act against hate speech and
right-wing extremism

......... (max. 25)    'Resistance - Who if Not Us? When if Not Now?
Where if Not Here?  (see gif)
Backside: guidelines on how to organise your campaign activities and
background information on the 'Kristallnacht pogrom'

......... (max. 100)   Special RUSSIAN Edition 'Resistance - Who if Not
Us? When if Not Now? Where if Not Here?  (see gif)
Backside: guidelines in Russian on how to organise your campaign
activities and background information on the 'Kristallnacht pogrom'

......... (max. 25)    'Hope Not Fear' - Backside: information on
November 9 campaign (see gif)

(* please tick)

[   ] Yes we want to receive campaign postcards *

[   ] Yes we want to receive campaign stickers *

Quantity (26 gram/copy)

........ (max. 10)     'Campaign Report 2006'
An overview of the 'Kristallnacht' commemoration activities which took
place in 42 European countries

Quantity (10 gram/copy)

........ (max. 5)      Get Active! The "How to Organise an 
                        Activity?" Guide (I26)
........ (max. 5)      How to Understand And Confront Holocaust 
                        Denial (T2)
........ (max. 5)      Developing Local Democracy Against Right-Wing 
                        Extremism (I23)

Material to be sent to:

name organisation:
contact person:
address organisation:
postal Code:
mobile phone:

We depend on YOUR help in 2007!

UNITED is not rich and has no stable income!
Though far most of the work at the UNITED secretariat is done voluntary
- still money is needed to keep the network functioning in 2007 and to
secure the cooperation and information flow throughout Europe.

Your donation is most welcome:
- in cash to UNITED Postbus 413 NL-1000 AK Amsterdam
- by bank (preferable) to:
UNITED, Postbus 413 NL-1000 AK Amsterdam
Account: IBAN NL77PSTB0002343715, BIC: PSTB NL2A - Bank: Postbank,
Postbus 1800, NL-1000 BV Amsterdam
(From NL: postbank 2343715)


UNITED is the pan-European network against nationalism, racism, fascism
and in support of migrants and refugees, supported by over 560
organisations in 46 European countries.
How to join the network: see http://www.unitedagainstracism.org 'joining
the network'

UNITED E-NEWS is an irregular email service to over 8500 organisations
and contact persons active in the working  fields: anti-racism, refugee
support, anti-fascism, against antisemitism, migration, minority issues,
intercultural youth work, against nationalism etc.

Regular postal mailings, containing publications such as Addressbook
Against Racism, Calendar of Internationalism, Campaign reports, Posters
etc. are sent to over 2400 European organisations.  If you also would
like to receive this mailing: see http://www.unitedagainstracism.org
'joining the network'


UNITED for Intercultural Action
European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of
migrants and refugees
Postbus 413   -  NL 1000 AK Amsterdam - phone +31-20-6834778  -  fax
+31-20-6834582 - info@unitedagainstracism.org  - 

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