MINELRES: EFA: Bulgaria postpones democracy by ignoring European Court of Human Rights Ruling

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Fri Sep 7 19:00:08 2007

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European Free Alliance
Brussels, 7th of September 2007

Bulgaria postpones democracy by ignoring European Court of Human Rights
Brussels - Once again, Bulgaria has proven its complete disregard for
human rights and European law. In its todays letter to the European
Commission, The Council of Europe and the President of Bulgaria the EFA
reacts to the latest state-sponsored act of anti-democracy towards its
large Macedonian minority. 

The Sofia City Court has rejected, again, the registration of Macedonian
minority party OMO Ilinden PIRIN, despite the ECHR's October 2005 ruling
that the party be immediately re-registered. The appeal against this
ruling is blocked in order to prevent OMO Ilinden Pirin from registering
before the 12th of September deadline. All authorities co-operate
preventing the party participating in the elections once more.
According to OMO Ilinden Pirins co-president, Stojko Stojkov, "the
Bulgarian authorities are taking every measure possible to prevent us
from participating in next month's local elections." 
Since last year, Bulgaria has intensified its campaign of blatant racism
and persecution of its Macedonian minority including slander by the
media, Bulgarian politicians calling for Macedonians to be "shot dead in
the streets" and "expelled from Bulgaria", and the secret police
intimidating members of OMO Ilinden PIRIN with detainment and threats of
deportation, loss of citizenship, loss of employment and even execution.
"The European Union claims to uphold the rule of law and stand for human
rights for all citizens. Yet, EU member-states are continuously
permitted to ignore ECHR rulings and continue to violate their
minority's rights" said Macedonian Human Rights Movement International
(MHRMI) president Bill Nicholov.
EFA calls on the international community and the EU to condemn
Bulgaria's state-sponsored acts of oppression, and demand that Bulgaria
immediately recognize its large Macedonian minority and grant it the
human rights that it is guaranteed by all international human rights
conventions. We request the European Commission to mention this blatant
breach in its post-accession monitoring report. Moreover, EFA calls on
the Council of Europe to enforce the European Court of Human Rights
decision in favour of OMO Ilinden PIRIN's immediate registration.

For more information:
Gunther Dauwen
EFA headquarters. 
Tel. 003225133476/4851 

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European Political Parties. EFA supports 
- European unity and the creation of a European union of free peoples
based on the principle of subsidiarity who believe in solidarity with
each other and other peoples of the world. 
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