MINELRES: Fwd: President of FCNM Advisory Committee: Minority rights in Kosovo need to be protected

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Minority rights in Kosovo need to be protected, President of FCNM

Council of Europe, Strasbourg 

On the occasion of the Assembly debate on the state of human rights and
democracy in Europe the President of the Advisory Committee on the
Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Alan
Philipps, asked for sustained attention to minority rights: “There are
circumstances such as those in Kosovo, where we must remain vigilant and
take measures to protect and promote the rights of all communities,
whether they be ethnic Serbs, ethnic Albanians or members of vulnerable
smaller communities such as the Roma,"- Alan Philips said. Referring to
the Advisory Committee’s report on the province he warned that “no one
should become a second class citizen, no one should be denied access to
good jobs and no one should live in fear of violence".

The full text of the speech can be downloaded at:

The report of the Advisory Committee is available at:

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