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EUMC becomes Fundamental Rights Agency

The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC)
officially became the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights on 1
March 2007. Monitoring racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism remains core
business for the body, which now has wider scope to support Member
States in their efforts to respect fundamental rights. The FRA is
expected to be fully operational in 2008.

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Photo competition launched

Photography students from across the European Union are invited to take
part in the 2007 ‘Breaking Stereotypes’ photo competition, which is now
open for entries. The competition offers the chance to make a creative
statement about diversity. There are prizes totalling ˆ 9 000 and a
selection of best entries will be showcased around Europe. The
competition is part of the EU’s ‘For Diversity. Against Discrimination.’
campaign and is organised under the banner of the European Year of Equal
Opportunities for All.

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EU journalist award 2007

The ‘For Diversity. Against Discrimination.’ Journalist Award 2007 is a
European Commission initiative to honour journalists who contribute to a
better understanding of the benefits of diversity and the fight against
discrimination in society. Print and online journalists in the 27 EU
Member States are invited to submit articles on issues of discrimination
or diversity by the deadline of 30 September 2007. Awards will be made
at national level in each of the 27 Member States. First prize at
European level is a trip worth ˆ 12 000 to the EU country of the
winner’s choice.

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ENAR annual report and seminar

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) has issued its 2006 annual
reviewing its main activities during this period. In 2006 ENAR supported
the European Commission’s framework strategy on non-discrimination and
equal opportunities, and actively prepared for the 2007 European Year of
Equal Opportunities for All. The network also expanded its membership
and is now present in 25 EU countries. 

On 1-2 March 2007 ENAR organised a policy seminar entitled “Realising
Integration: migration, integration, social inclusion and anti
<http://www.enar-eu.org/en/events/MIGRATION/index.shtml>. The main aim
was to explore the topic of migration from different perspectives.

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Employment of people with intellectual disabilities

The transnational project ‘Fighting for our rights’, coordinated by
Inclusion Europe and supported by the European Commission, has produced
a leaflet on the topic of employing people with intellectual
disabilities. Different versions of the leaflet target employers in 12
different European countries. As the leaflets point out, people with
intellectual disabilities may not always have the same formal
qualifications as others, but they can still play a valuable role in a
workforce. Some countries also offer financial incentives to employers.

The leaflet is the latest outcome of the project, which has also
produced an explanatory note on the Employment Directive and a report on
existing case law on the employment of people with intellectual
A training pack will also be made available shortly.

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March Spotlight: Eurobarometer on attitudes to discrimination

This month’s spotlight feature on the anti-discrimination website looks
at results from the Europe-wide survey on attitudes to discrimination.
The key findings reveal Europeans’ perceptions of how widespread
different types of discrimination are, and what factors they feel can be
a disadvantage in society.  

Read the Spotlight here

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