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Tue Aug 30 20:44:47 2005

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Dear friends,
The new issue (122) of the international copy of the bimonthly edition 
of BHC's edition "Obektiv" has been published. The topic of the issue is 
the danger of the offensive of the extreme nationalism and xenophoby in 
Bulgaria, engendered by the entry in the Bulgarian parlament of the 
ultra-nationalistic coallition "Attack". The issue has the following 

 The data indicate: Our society is ill from racism
/Emil COHEN/

/  How should we think of "Attack"?
/Krassimir KANEV/

 The emergence of "Attack" is a call to action for all other political 
/Teodor DETCHEV/

 From the "Discreet Charm of Patriotism" and backstage political 
skeletons to the "Misfortune of Being Bulgarian"
/Irina NEDEVA/

 The neighbourhood turf wars in Zaharna Fabrika are no saga

 Identity documents, please!
/Boyko Boev/

 Tariffs for coloured people
/Antoine Makitou/

 Crime rates in Bulgaria on the decrease

 Advance notice of the end of administrative homophobia
/Georgi MITREV/

 The murder of a Muslim youth provokes French president

/  How the Plovdiv District Court protected the right to life in a 
lawsuit against shortage of cancer drugs
/Rositsa STOYKOVA/

The whole articles could be found on: 

Best regards
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

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