MINELRES: Azerbaijan's president visited minority villages

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Tue Aug 30 20:34:42 2005

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(Translated from Russian by MINELRES)

Ilkham Aliev has visited the Udins' village of Nidj

Nidj/18.08.05/TURAN: Today the head of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilkham Aliev has
visited the village of Nidj in Gabalin rayon in northwestern Azerbaijan.
The village is home to Udins - descendants of ancient Albanians. 
Addressing the villagers, Mr. Aliev has stated that Azerbaijan is a
multiethnic country, where all ethnicities have equal rights, and the
government is trying to strengthen the ties of friendship and
brotherhood between all ethnicities. He also noted that being a
president, he is a guarantor of the rights of all citizens regardless of
their religious and ethnic affiliations. 
The village of Nidj is more than 2500 years old. Now it has a population
of 4600, mostly Udins - descendants of the people of ancient Albania of
the Caucasus. 
The Russian Tsar has abolished the Albanian Church in 1836 and
subordinated it the Armenian Church. Only in 2004 has the Albanian
Christian community been revived in Azerbaijan. 

Ilkham Aliev has visited the village of Ivanovka

IVANOVKA/19.08.05/TURAN: The head of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilkham Aliev has
visited today the village of Ivanovka in Ismayilli rayon in northwestern
Azerbaijan. Ethnic Russians (Molokans) live in the village. 
Addressing the villagers, Mr. Aliev emphasized that peoples of
Azerbaijan live in brotherly relations and this is the policy of the
Mr. Aliev said that according to the wished of the local residents,
their famous kolkhoz will be preserved. He also informed the villagers
that the government has been ordered to develop a project for new school
in the

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