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Conference: "Antiziganism: Theories, Models and Practices"
October 8-9, 2005. University of Hamburg

Non-Roma and Roma scientists will discuss the term "Antiziganism" at the
conference with the background of their respective experience. They will
then develop new research strategies together. 

The term "Antiziganism" may have a certain political punch, but is not
clearly defined in a scientific way. Thus, it is too open to be used for
operative research in this field. 

Nevertheless, scientific research is of essential importance for the
fight of the Roma and Sinti to gain social respect. Scientifically
well-defined terms develop their very own political punch. 

Scientists from various European countries who are both involved in
theoretical research as well as pratical-political activies will present
their research focus at the conference in talks and workshops. Through
open discussion, the different focal points can hopefully be brought to
a common denominator, so that concrete research concepts can be
developed with them. 

The individual blocks of the conference will allow for intense exchange
of views and opinions, as half of the alotted time is reserved for open

Within the block "Call for Papers", you have the chance to hand in your
very own research texts, and possibly even present your work at the
conference. All submitted texts that follow our research principles or
significantly add to them will be published in the conference

During Workshop 1, the opportunity will be given to report antiziganstic
incidents so they can ben added to the "Blackbook on Antiziganism". 

Beginning in 2006, the yearly International Conference on Antiziganism
will have a main thematic focus. The preperations for the III.
International Conference on Antiziganism 2006 with the theme: "Holocaust
and Genocide of the Roma and Sinti" will begin in a special workshop at
this year's conference. 

Also beginning in 2006, a workshop with seminars on the theme:
"Antiziganism in School and Education" will be held on Day 0 (the day
before the actual conference, usually a Friday). This workshop will then
be organised every year together with the International Conference.
Responsible for the coordination is Dr. Mareile Krause from the Regional
Institute for School Development and Teacher Education in Hamburg. She
is a member of the EZAF board and of the Scientific Council. 

Please note: we cannot refund any costs for travel or lodging.
Participation and food at the event is for free.

European Center for Antiziganism Reseach

II International Antiziganism Conference
October 08. - 09. 2006 - University of Hamburg


Europaisches Zentrum fur Antiziganismusforschung 
Dulsberg Sud 4 - D 22049 Hamburg 
Phone + 49 (0) 179 750 7848 

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