MINELRES: CfA: ELA: the third European Cultural and Educational Forum, Bruges, 26-29 November 2005

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Dear Colleagues,

The European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA), in
conjunction with the College of Europe (Bruges), is organizing the third
European Cultural and Educational Forum and the 14th Annual ELA

The Conference is being held from Saturday 26 November till Tuesday 29
November 2005 in Bruges (Belgium).

The Forum 2005 aims at assessing the current state of linguistic rights
in education in the world. Financed by and convened under the auspices
of the Ministry of Education of Luxembourg, the Conference will bring
together education law experts, political leaders, key members of
governments and civil society worldwide.

The broad outlines of the Conference consist of several sessions,
structured to provide a maximum amount of information exchange and
interaction between participants, on the following topics:
- Part 1: Language Policy in the European Union, Nation Building,
Multilingualism, Mother Tongue Education, Education and the Law
- Part 2: Legislating Education: How to Cope with Innovation,
Experimentation and Institutional Autonomy in the Law

We would be obliged if you could consider becoming a participant of the
Forum 2005 and if you could inform colleagues at your university,
institution or organisation, the Ministry about the Forum. The programme
is made available on the ELA-site (http://www.lawandeducation.com/).

Conference fees are waived for participants who submit a paper for the
conference publications. Consistent with the guidelines (download IJELP
content guidelines at
http://www.lawandeducation.com/publications/ejelp.html), we will need
the draft of your article no later than 30 September 2005. Please submit
your chapter electronically in Word Perfect to
In order to allow us to arrange accommodation, we will be grateful if
you will notify us in writing as soon as possible (if possible before
August 30). Please complete the registration form and fax it to: 
+ 32 (0)3 238 58 45 
(download the registration form at
Unless otherwise agreed, costs of travel and accommodation are paid by
the participant or the authorities of the country of origin. In case you
need to be registered in order to obtain funding, please do not hesitate
to contact us. People commenting on the main lectures are listed under
"panel". The meet the panel and receipt and exchange of papers on
conference section is for the experts who, inter alia, have to be listed
explicitly in order to get funding.
Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Sincerely yours,
Gracienne Lauwers
Dr. Gracienne LAUWERS
European Association for Education Law and Policy
Arthur Goemaerelei 52
Tel : +32/2/306.67.60
Fax :

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