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New Romany party wants to run in 2006 general election
Prague, 13. 8. 2005, 20:19 (CTK/ROMEA) - The new Romany Democratic
Social Party (RDSS) wants to run in the next election to the Chamber of
Deputies sue in June 2006, party chairman Miroslav Tancos said at the
second meeting of the RDSS central committee today. The new party would
like to focus primarily on the solution to housing problems of Romany
families, Romany unemployment and the protection of Romanies against
racially motivated attacks. The RDSS would also like to help coordinate
the government aid to Romanies, said Tancos. 

Romany association Savore faces financial problems
Olomouc, 13. 8. 2005, 20:45 (CTK) - The Romany n Savore in Sumperk,
north Moravia, organising free time activities for Romany children, may
have to end its work as it lacks money for its employees' wages, the
local paper Moravsky sever writes today. "Savore employs only three
people but about a hundred children are attending the centre regularly.
Earlier we always succeeded in getting money for wages from subsidies,
but this year the ministries changed priorities and we received much
lower financial support than last year. 

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