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Serbia: Attacks against Roma 
9. 8. 2005

A recent spate of violent attacks against Roma citizens in Serbia has
raised concern that racial hatred is growing. 

Italy: Yes to Collective Expulsions 
9. 8. 2005

One year ago, 15 Romanian Roma, living in Italy without legal visas,
were evicted from their home in Milan.

Commemoration of Roma Holocaust continues 
9. 8. 2005

As part of the events surrounding August 2nd, the anniversary of the
worst Roma mass murder in history, French historian Emmanuel Filhol will
be giving a lecture commemorating the Roma Holocaust in the library of
the French Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia. The lecture will be
accompanied by the presentation of well-known Roma author Elena
Lackova's book "O mule na aven pale" (the Dead are not Coming Back):
three stories inspired by her experiences during the Roma Holocaust. 
The event will start at 5:00 pm, at Klarijska street 5, Bratislava. 
Italian Newspapers claim Milan is suffering from a Roma Attack! 
10. 8.2005

According to Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Milan is a city under
attack. Roma attack. No, they aren't talking about the famous FC Roma
football team. The barbarians allegedly attacking the city are ethnic

Croatia: Neo-Nazis Celebrating Ethnic Victory of Balkans Wars 
10. 8.2005
Thousands of Croats in the town of Knin, Croatia gathered this week to
celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Croatian offensive that crushed 
a breakaway Serb republic in 1995. 

Flooding of Roma Settlements in Macedonia 
10. 8. 2005

Two Roma settlements in Macedonia are under water following a season of
heavy rains, according to information Dzeno received today from the
Romany NGO Drom which operates in the Kumanovo region where the tragedy
took place. Dzeno brings you the latest facts, and pictures from the

New View on Roma Growth Rate in Slovakia 
11. 8. 2005

Despite past fears over a population explosion, present data suggests
that the Roma population growth rate in Slovakia will not increase past
the year 2025. 

Spain: Annual Roma Studies Congress in Granada 
11. 8. 2005

The faculty of Philosophy and Literature at the University of Granada
announced yesterday that it will host the annual congress of Roma
studies of the 'Gypsy Lore Society' on the 9th and 10th of September.


City Draws a Blank on Site for Travellers 
9. 8. 2005

A Legal battle is looming over council plans to create a permanent gypsy
traveller site in Edinburgh.

A Help or a Hindrance? 
9. 8. 2005

Two studies from the masterminds of policy-making on the Roma suggest
that those policies are in need of a major re-think. 

Travellers Leave Camp Site After Eviction Threat 
9. 8. 2005

A group of Travellers threatened with legal action after they occupied
a popular Northern Ireland camping site moved on yesterday. 

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