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The Role of the Union in Integrating the Roma: Present and Possible Future.
This is the title of the most recent issue in the European Diversity and 
Autonomy Papers.

Authors of this profound analysis are Olivier De Schutter (Professor of Human 
Rights Law at the University of Louvain (Belgium), Member of the Global Law 
School Faculty at New York University, and the Co-ordinator of the EU Network 
of Independent Experts on Fundamental Rights) and Annelies Verstichel (who 
worked as an Associated Expert to the EU Network of Independent Experts on 
Fundamental Rights on Thematic Comment No. 3: "The Rights of Minorities in the 
European Union", March 2005).

The paper describes the important contribution Council Directive 2000/43/EC of 
29 June 2000 implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons 
irrespective of racial or ethnic origin has made to improve the situation of 
the Roma in the Union. It also highlights, however, the insufficiencies of that 
instrument, when confronted to the specific needs of the Roma and to their 
situation in the Union. The paper therefore suggests that Article 13(1) EC 
could be relied upon by the European legislator either to improve further on 
that Directive, for instance in order to extend its scope of application to the 
delivery of administrative documents, in order to explicitly include 
segregation as a form of prohibited discrimination, or in order to adopt another
instrument, complementary to the Racial Equality Directive, addressing in a 
more focused manner the specific needs of the Roma, while remaining attentive 
to the preservation of their traditional lifestyle for those wishing not to 
renounce it, and ensuring that such a measure is based on a consultation of the 
Roma themselves. Article 13(2) EC could be relied upon to encourage the Member 
States to share the best practices they are developing in order to accelerate 
the integration of the Roma, and to monitor, better and more systematically 
than they do at present, the situation of the Roma in fields such as housing, 
education, employment, or health care, where the Roma are not specifically 
considered in the national action plans or the social inclusion plans of most 
Member States at present.

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