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The OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization whose 55
participating States span the geographical area from Vancouver to
Vladivostok. The 2005 OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting will
take place in Warsaw, Poland, from 19 to 30 September 2005. This is the
annual OSCE meeting where representatives of governments and civil
society from the 55 participating States will review both the
implementation of the OSCE's Human Dimension commitments and the
procedures and mechanisms for monitoring and enhancing compliance with
these commitments.  Please find attached the schedule of the meeting and
the technical information, also available on the ODIHR website at
http://www.osce.org/odihr/item_6_9733.html.  The Annotated Agenda
will be posted on the website when finalised.

All non-governmental organizations interested in participating in the
HDIM are kindly requested to complete the on-line Registration Form in
full by 31 August 2005 at http://meetings.odihr.pl.

Participants may also organize their own side events during the
Meeting! NGOs, governments, and other participants are encouraged to
organize side meetings on relevant Human Dimension issues. 1 Side
meetings/events provide an opportunity for the participants to discuss
issues that have not been fully covered during the working sessions
since only limited time is assigned to each of the topics. Side
meetings/event are meant to facilitate informal discussions between
representatives of governments, NGOs and International Organizations.
HDIM participants actively used this opportunity in the past. The ODIHR
will co-ordinate side events organization and make necessary logistical
arrangements. The organization convening a side event will be
responsible for its content, which will not necessarily reflect the
views of the OSCE.

Up to four side events can take place in parallel during lunchtime
(13.00-15.00), and up to three in the evening (18.00-20.00).

The ODIHR will inform the participants of the HDIM about your side
event by posting information on our web-page. We will also include the
schedule and annotated agenda of side events into participants' packs
and put an announcement on the notice board at the HDIM premises. If you
wish, you can also make "flyers" with information and leave them on
display tables.

For further information please visit ODIHR website at

All formal sessions of the Meeting will be open for participation by
NGO representatives, and NGOs will have equal access to the list of
speakers. The Meeting shall feature three special topic days as

The situation of the media in the OSCE region and the role of State and
non-State actors in promoting media freedom: The discussions will be
centered on OSCE commitments ensuring the individual's freedom of
expression, freedom of information, and the freedom of the media.  The
strategic assumption of these commitments is to place the media fully
into the custody of society rather than in the custody of the state,
where it has been in most countries before democratization.  This
session could usefully explore this process and the fundamental
democratic function of the media.

Methods to prevent and combat torture:  The session will deal with the
prevention of torture at the State level, as well as the status of the
Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture and monitoring of
places of detention. The session will also cover issues relating to
torture and its prevention within Criminal Justice systems, where
discussions will focus on the experiences and ways of prevention of
torture in various democracies.

Tolerance and non-discrimination:  The Special Day will focus on
'multiple forms of intolerance and discrimination'. It addresses the
common denominators in discrimination and looks at the sources of
discrimination based on multiple grounds. The session aims to bring
about an understanding on the complex ways in which different forms and
violent manifestations of intolerance and discrimination interact with
and reinforce one another. The second part of the day will look at
strategies and 'good practices' for combating discrimination based on
multiple grounds.

The new ODIHR document distribution system will allow for written
statements and recommendations to be distributed electronically during
the meeting; texts should be forwarded, preferably in advance, to
hdim@odihr.pl or submitted during the Meeting to the Documents
Distribution counter. These documents will be made accessible on our
website after the completion of the Meeting.

The ODIHR is unfortunately not in a position to finance the
participation of NGOs in the Meeting. Should you have any queries
concerning the Meeting please contact us at e-mail: office@odihr.pl

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