MINELRES: Bulgaria: Call for participants: Training for NGOs dealing with anti-discrimination

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Fri Apr 22 22:08:26 2005

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The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee will carry out a two-day training
seminar on the role of NGOs in combating discrimination based on:

and sexual orientation. 

The seminar is designed for Bulgarian NGO activists dealing with
antidiscrimination on the five grounds mentioned. Its aim is to develop
the capacity of Bulgarian civil society to combat discrimination. The
seminarís programme, which was developed by an international team,
encompasses the concepts of discrimination, awareness raising, dialogue
with the government, victim support, and litigation in the context of
national legislation and policies. The seminar is funded by the European
Commission and will be held on 6-7 June 2005 in Sofia. 

Preference will be given to candidates from Bulgarian NGOs dealing with
discrimination against highly vulnerable communities, such as the Roma
and people with mental disabilities; local and grassroots NGOs; and
NGOs, which are members of international and European antidiscrimination
NGOsí networks. A balance will be sought between representatives of NGOs
dealing with the five protected grounds, as well as between NGOs
performing various roles (awareness raising, capacity building, victim
support, litigation, monitoring and reporting, and advocacy and

Information and registration forms can be obtained from 
Desislava Simeonova, 
Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, 
tel.: (02) 943 4876, 944 0670, 943 9060, 
e-mail: desislava@bghelsinki.org. 

The deadline for applications is 5 May 2005. 

The application form is posted on the BHC website at 

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee
7 Varbitsa Street
1504 Sofia  Bulgaria
tel./fax: 359 2 944 0670
tel./fax: 359 2 943 9060
website: www.bghelsinki.org