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Workshop: Capacity Building for Roma Rights Advocacy

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) shall conduct its annual Roma
Rights Summer Workshop in Budapest from 3 July 2005 to 12 July 2005. The
workshop will be a ten-day long intensive training and capacitation
initiative for Romani activists. The program will be implemented, as in
previous years, with a number of partner organisations. The main goal of
the workshop is to develop the capacity of a new generation of Romani
leaders and human rights activists to use international, regional and
domestic human rights instruments and mechanisms to advance the rights
of Roma.

The objectives of the Summer Workshop are to enable participants to:
* Analyse issues and situations affecting Roma in their respective
countries based on internationally accepted human rights values and
* Develop skills in using domestic mechanisms (such as national
legislation) and international human rights instruments (i.e., United
Nations Treaties, the European Court of Human Rights, etc.) to protect
and promote the rights of Roma
* Strengthen skills in documenting, monitoring and reporting human
rights violations and racial discrimination, as well as advocacy skills
* Increase the capacity of Roma rights advocates to apply their learning
within their organisations and their societies
* Explore opportunities for networking and developing partnerships with
NGOs and government officials to further advance the cause of Roma
rights throughout Europe

The Roma Rights Summer Workshop is a component of ERRC programming aimed
at capacitating Romani activists, and is therefore only open to persons
of Romani ethnicity. We welcome applications from Romani individuals who
are interested in human rights. Applicants must be at least 18 years of
age and must have a sufficient command of English to enable them to
actively participate in the Workshop. Applicants are preferably students
of law, public administration and/or the social sciences, or hold a
degree in one of these fields. The ERRC also encourages activists who do
not hold a formal degree to apply. Recipients of ERRC scholarships for
Romani students of law and public administration are specifically
encouraged to apply. The ERRC additionally welcomes applications by
persons of Romani origin engaging in human rights work on behalf of
other disadvantaged groups.

Application Procedure
Applicants must:
1. Complete the application form provided below.
2. Provide a letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor or
lecturer familiar with the applicant's work, a community leader, church
leader, or their current employer. The letter should explain the nature
of their relationship, how long they have known the applicant and
highlight the main attributes of the applicant and whether they would be
a suitable candidate for the ERRC Roma Rights Summer Workshop.
3. Submit a 500-750 word essay in English:
*explaining any human rights/Roma rights activities in which they have
been involved to date
*expressing why they would like to participate in the ERRC Roma Rights
Summer Workshop and how it would be useful for them and any future
actions they would like to undertake in their Roma rights/human rights

We kindly request that all materials be submitted to the ERRC in one
package. Applications missing one or more of these requirements will not
be considered by the selection committee.

Completed applications should be submitted to 
European Roma Rights Center, 
1386 Budapest 62, P.O. Box 906/93, Hungary, 
or by fax to (+ 36 1) 413-2201, 
or by e-mail to SummerWorkshop@errc.org. 

The closing deadline for all applications is 20th May 2005. Please take
note that this is an absolutely final deadline and any applications
received after this date shall not be considered.


Application Form: ERRC Summer Workshop for Romani Activists 2005

First name:
Family name:
Sex: Male/Female:

Telephone number:
Additional number in case we cannot contact you on the above:
Fax number:
E-mail address:
Are you of Romani origin? Yes/No
Do you speak English? Yes/No
Level: 1 (excellent) 2 3 4 5 (no)
Name of present workplace:

Have you been an ERRC grant recipient or intern in the past? Yes/No

If yes: scholarship in year:
Internship in year:

Are you a member of or volunteer at any Romani or other non-governmental
organisation(s)? Which one(s)?


The European Roma Rights Centre is an international public interest law
organisation which monitors the rights of Roma and provides legal
defence in cases of human rights abuse. For more information about the
European Roma Rights Centre, visit the ERRC on the web at

European Roma Rights Centre
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P.O. Box 906/93

Phone: +36 1 4132200
Fax:   +36 1 4132201



The European Roma Rights Centre is dependent upon the generosity of
individual donors for its continued existence. If you believe the ERRC
performs a service valuable to the public, please join in enabling its
future with a contribution. Gifts of all sizes are welcome; bank
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