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UNITED E-NEWS 01-04-05: Act for refugees!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

At the occasion of the 2nd of April activities - organised all over
"Fortress Europe" in order to celebrate "the freedom of movement and the
right to stay" and to spread information about daily racist acts which
have been devastating the life of many migrants and their families' for
a long time - UNITED for Intercultural Action reminds everybody that:

1) a CALENDAR (List of Activities) with all the initiatives is always
available on our web site, ready to welcome all the activities and
events that you would like to introduce to all the network;
a special section is dedicated to the 2nd of April demonstrations;

2) the UNITED REFUGEES CAMPAIGN "Fortress Europe: no more deaths!" is
still going on and it still needs to be fed by your help and solidarity;

3) it is looking forward to receive details about your activities for
the next INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE DAY (the 20th of June 2005). Get active
on June 20!

Let us know what your NGO is going to plan for the next International
Refugee Day June 20, or which activity it would like to organise in
support of migrants during the year! Share with us how you would like to
express your anti-racist soul!

We will include your initiatives in the UNITED online Calendar, giving
to your message the opportunity to reach as many people as possible!

You can share your activities with thousands of people in Europe.
Through the Calendar you have the possibility to know how the same event
is celebrated in other European countries and - last but not least -
find new ideas for your NGO. Please, feel free to add a new event
whenever you want:

Twelve years after its beginning, UNITED is continuously updating the
list of all the children, women and men who died till today, trying to
enter into Europe.

The counting never ends.

Thousands of migrants die of starvation trying to reach Europe from
Africa or Asia. We cannot neither know their exact numbers or names, but
we exactly know which are the routes that they follow on foot.

Thousands drown in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean:
shipwrecks, collisions, rescue operations carried  out by inadequate
European border ships, the so called "system SIVE", smugglers who throw
children overboard, hundreds of dead bodies found floating into the sea
or on several beaches.

Far too many suicide cases, occurred in detention centres or in the
prisons of all the European Union: migrants are kidnapped from their
ordinary life and then isolated as "terrorists" in some special
"hostels", where migrants are often hosted in depressive condition and
do not receive an acceptable health assistance.

These three categories above are just the three main divisions in which
our list could be analysed. Of course there are many other different
cases and details.

On the next 20th of June 2005, International Refugee Day, UNITED will
publish an updated list with details of at least 6157 migrants who have
died since 1993 at the European borders. Every case includes an
explanation of the manner of death.

Since August 2004 more than 1140 refugee death cases have been added.
Most of them belong to the years 2004 & 2005, but in some occasions they
represent cases occurred many years ago that came to our knowledge only

Moreover, a consistent re-analysis of some death cases gave us the
opportunity to correct some data, or to add new details to some tragic

Our refugee campaigns can be successfull thanks to the many information,
e-mails and magazines coming from NGOs form all over Europe which deal
with refugees, and the collaboration of writers, journalists, artists
and individuals who strongly believe that Shenghen policy is mining
those principles which our democratic society is supposed to be based

I do wish that the links between UNITED and the European NGOs and
citizens stay strong. A good collaboration can allow us to keep on
spreading this important informative data and sad figures not only
inside our circle of refugee activists, but also largely to those people
who are influenced by populist and xenophobic prejudices and live in
fear of being confronted with other cultures.

So, please, send to me any article, book, newspaper, note, link, web
site, information etc. which could be connected with UNITED Refugees
Campaign and the list of Refugees Deaths.

The next International Refugee Day on June 20 represent an unique
occasion to unify our goals of course, but especially to organise some
specific activities in order to explain as much as possible about what
refugees suffer from in Europe, to clarify again that we do not accept
the EU migration- and border policy, that we must learn from our past
history, that we have to be close to the people who suffer, and that we
should continuesly struggle to avoid that they fall forgotten.

I wish you a pleasant spring

All the best,

Stefano Orlando

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