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III Mercator International Symposium "Linguistic diversity and
education: challenges and opportunities"
Ljouwert/Leeuwarden (Fryslân, The Netherlands)
25 - 27 November 2004

News (links to the Mercator-websites)  

July 2004
a. Haider wants less Slovenian TV 
b. Report on language rights in Euskal Herria presented (Behatokia.org) 
c. Catalan will be again an obligatory subject in secondary Spanish
schools of Andorra 

June 2004
a. Online status petition for minority languages exceeds 25,000
b. First newspaper for the Serb minority in Macedonia 
c. Application for EU funding for a weekly Sami newspaper in Sweden
d. Radio station owner is arrested after broadcating in Macedonian 
e. Lower Saxony: Motion for the promotion of Low German and Saterfrisian
at school (Plattnet Nachrichten) 
f. Proposal on the official recognition of Asturian language presented
to the Asturian Parliament 
g. EU's language regime unsatisfactorily improved 
h. "Bolzano/Bozen declaration" now presented to the EU-institutions and
i. Language legislation in the Turkish media is being finally
implemented (Turkish Daily News) 
j. Official languages other than Spanish will be used in the Spanish
Senate and in other insitutions 

May 2004 
a. Slovenia protests against ending of 'Radio Trieste' on medium wave 
b. Plans for a new Sami newspaper in Sweden 
c. Several calls for the promotion of the Breton language 
d. The 10th Linguapax Congress warns about the role of language
diversity in safeguarding sustainability and peace 
e. Second periodical report on the Charter by Germany presented
f. Bilingual road signs in the province of Udine soon (Lenghe.net) 
g. UN adopts three resolutions / Decisions on minorities, one affecting
linguistic minorities (Minoriity Rights Group) 
h. EU enlargement introduces nine new official languages but many more
minoritised ones still have no recognition 

April 2004 
a. New Breton online dictionary launched 
b. Hungarian language TV channels in Romania and Hungary set to
c. Political will to make Galician, Basque and Catalan working languages
of the Senate (Avui) 
d. EBLUL issues recommendations for the IGC on the draft Treaty of the
European Constitution 
e. Croatia reports improvement of its language policy 
f. UN's plan for Cyprus would enable Turkish to become EU official
g. Fresh Air for Turkey's 'Other' languages (IWPR - Caucasus Reporting) 
h. New Spanish president will advocate for Catalan to be included in the
European Constitution (Vilaweb / Avui) 
i. Czech Republic: Two bills to protect the Czech language (CTK / RFE/RL

March 2004 
a. Frisian movement demands the use of 'the right accents' on Frisian
internet addresses 
b. Sami news archive to be digitalised and put online 
c. Friulian film critically acclaimed 
d. Unspent EU money means that www.same.net remains online at least
until end of September 
e. The first Sami journalist prize awarded 
f. Andorra debuted in Catalan at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in

III Mercator International Symposium
"Linguistic diversity and education: challenges and opportunities"


The organizing team of the III Mercator International Symposium is happy
to let you know that the preperations for the symposium are well on its
way. A fair amount of paper proposals have already been received and
some more are still on its way. The symposium programme looks to be very
promising and interesting.

The website of the symposium has been updated, online registration and
online hotelbookings are possible now! As more information comes
available the website will be updated in due time.

The III Mercator International Symposium will take place in
Ljouwert/Leeuwarden (Fryslân, The Netherlands) from 25 - 27 November
2004. This conference "Linguistic diversity and education: challenges
and opportunities" examines new issues and developments in the field of
education, minority languages and learning within the European Union. 

Key issues of the forthcoming symposium will be: 
· Comparison of educational systems
· Minority languages and policy 
· Information and infrastructure
· Linguistic diversity in the new EU member states
· Media & education
· Mother tongue and 2 other languages

The symposium is organised by Mercator-Education in collaboration with
the other two Mercator centres; Mercator-Media and Mercator-Legislation.
It will be the third symposium in a row. The first Mercator
International Symposium was organised in Aberystwyth on 8-9 april 2003
with as theme: "Shaping an agenda for the global age", and the second
Mercator International Symposium in Tarragona on 27-28 February 2004
with as theme: "Europe 2004: a new framework for all languages?".

Fryske Akademy
Postbus 54
Tel: +31 (0)58-2343063
8900 AB Leeuwarden

Bulletin 58 - Mercator-Legislation

II Quarter 2004 | English and Catalan versions. Also available in PDF
a. Finland: Sámi Language Act 
b. Italy: Basic rules on the arrangement of the radio and television
system and the RAI 
c. Council of Europe: Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers on
the application of the Charter by the United Kingdom 
d. United Nations Commission on Human Rights: Resolution no.2004/51 on
the rights of persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and
linguistic minorities 

Dossier 16 - Mercator-Legislation

As part of Bulletin 58 you can also find a new dossier: Linguistic
situation in French Guiana.
Also available in PDF format.

Working Paper 15 - Mercator-Legislation

In April 2004 we published Working Paper 15 in our Publications section,
whose title in French was: La Charte européenne des langues régionales
ou minoritaires: particularités sociolinguistiques et configuration
française. Now this publication is also available in English: The
European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: Sociolinguistic
Particularities and the French Configuration 

Short news by Mercator-Media 
Valencian / Dizale / Radio Kreiz Breiz / PajennoÙ Breizh / Breton novel
competition / Breton comic strip in a French newspaper 

Changes at Mercator-Legislation 
Updating of Mercator-Legislation website