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To exchange and share experiences and to promote good practices in the
field of policing minorities and minorities’ rights. 

Core members of the network are the organizations and institutions,
which had the initiative of establishing it. The initiative was
expressed during the workshop: Policing Minorities, Human Rights and
Conflict Management Training for Roma Liaison Police Officers, organized
in Bucharest, on 7-8 May 2004.

- to improve the exchange of information and communication between the
countries in the region in the field of policing minorities and
- to improve the cooperation in the region among non-governmental and
public institutions 
- to promote cross-border projects in the field 
- to develop a tool in finding partners, finding opportunities and new
ideas and solutions 
- improve knowledge and information on the legislation of all the
countries in the field of policing minorities 

The network will function as a resource center, providing: database with
NGOs, public institutions, funding organizations; hosting websites of
the members; monthly newsletter; calendar of events, in the field of
policing minorities. 

Members of the network will be able to post any information that might
be of interest to the network members or any party interested in
policing minorities. The posting of information can be done directly, by
using a password, or can be done with the help of the network
William Ejalu 

The web portal has been created and each member can log on, following
these steps:
1. The web address is: http://pm.regionalnet.org 
2. If you want to start already by posting on the web page the
information regarding your organization, upcoming events, the first
thing you have to do is to contact Tiberiu at thidi@regionalnet.org and
request for a username and a password. He will make sure that you will
receive one. 
3. If you do not have easy connection to the Internet, please feel free
to contact our moderator, William nemzetkozijogert@yahoo.com or Diana at
diana@rfnc.ro, and let them know that you would like them to put the
info sent by you on the web page.  
Once you have logged on, you can enter the data for your organisation,
read the newsletter or contribute to it (through William) and add your
events to the site.  

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