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EUMAP Call for Papers: Migration Issues in Europe 
Freedom of movement is one of the fundamental principles upon which the
European Union (Community) was once founded. The recent and
unprecedented EU enlargement was, however, accompanied by a chain
reaction of restrictions introduced by the EU15 to curb prospective
migration from the new member States. 
These restrictions would appear to fit into a general tendency across
the EU to limit immigration. Workers, particularly from third countries,
often feel just as unwelcome as refugees, whose rights have been
continuously reduced in many EU member States. 
Restrictions take place despite a widespread recognition that Europe
needs to import foreign labour in the face of gloomy demographic
forecasts, in the face of ageing populations and low birth-rates, and
prospects of a collapsing social security system. Europe appears caught
up in its own dilemma: Europe needs migrants, Europe fears migration.
EUMAP.ORG is pleased to announce its featured online publication: a
diverse compilation of articles and opinion pieces on the most topical
and important migration issues in Europe. Due to an extraordinarily
large number of quality submissions, the new EUMAP compilation on
migration issues in Europe consists of two parts.
Part I (Migration's Trends and Challenges) offers a comparative
perspective on migration patterns and dynamics in selected EU member
states, both new and old (Czech Republic, Germany, Italy), and taps into
the rigours of interaction between migrants vis-a-vis host societies,
and migrants vis-a-vis traditional minority groups.
Part II (Migration's Human Face), to be published in the end of July,
puts a spotlight on the situation of the most vulnerable and often
overlooked groups in the course of migration debate, such as refugees
and families/dependants of migrants.
(i) East-West Migration in the Context of an Enlarging European Union:
New Opportunities and New Challenges - by Mariyana Radeva
"In the run-up to enlargement an important point of disagreement between
the East and the West is the predicted change in patterns of East-West
migration within Europe. The economic and social implications of the
proposed free movement of labour will remain a controversial issue until
the assimilation of new member states into the EU structures is
complete, affecting both governments and citizens. Both those in favour
and those opposed to the free movement of people after enlargement must
adequately take into account the benefits of larger markets,
possibilities for outsourcing, and cheaper labour."
Full text:

(ii) Is Ignorance Really Bliss? Germany’s Labour Migration Policy - by
Anna Turmann

"Using the example of Germany, this article attempts to show how a
denial of being a destination for third-country nationals and the poor
regulation of current immigration policies make it difficult to assess
migration levels and flows. This lack of assessment may in turn be
partly responsible for the hesitation that seems to surround the badly
needed reforms, causing further delays."
Full text:

(iii) Migrating or Commuting? The Case of Romanian Workers in Italy:
Niches for Labour Commuting to the EU - by Florentina Constantin

"Focusing on the case of Romanian workers in Italy, I intend to
challenge the traditional approach towards migration in the European
Union. I will argue that, when analysing the situation of Romanian
workers, the term "migration" becomes more and more inadequate in
addressing the problem of migrant workers in the EU. Instead, I will
make use of the more specific term "commuting", which international
organisations and academic literature have previously used to describe
short-term labour migration."
Full text:

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