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Call for Papers: Elections and Ethnopolitics

Free and fair elections are one of the most fundamental characteristics
of democratic systems. In ethnically divided societies, elections and
the rules and regulations on which they are based assume special
importance because the provide important levers to guarantee (or
prevent) adequate representation of different communal groups in the key
institutions of the state. Hence not only are elections contested
vigorously, but also the electoral systems according to which they are
conducted. Against this backdrop, the editors invite original paper
submissions for a special issue of ETHNOPOLITICS that
-conceptualise the dynamics underlying electoral politics in ethnically
divided societies
-to provide empirical evidence and analysis of recent elections in
ethnically divided societies, on a comparative or single-case basis,
that can improve our understanding of these dynamics in concrete

Deadline for submissions: 31 December 2004

Please email your contributions as attachments to: Florian Bieber 
(bieberf@gmx.net) and Stefan Wolff (S.Wolff@bath.ac.uk).
Stefan Wolff, M.Phil. (Cantab.), Ph.D. (LSE)
Professor of Political Science
Department of European Studies
University of Bath
Bath BA2 7AY
England, UK
Email: S.Wolff@bath.ac.uk