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Now Online! New Tactics in Human Rights: A Resource for Practitioners

The new edition of the New Tactics workbook, with more than 100 examples
of innovative ways that people have addressed human rights issues around
the world, is now available to download or print online. Print copies
will be available in September. 



New Way to Connect with Others in Human Rights 

Our Web Forum <http://database.newtactics.org/Forums/index.php is now
easier to use and more flexible. Discuss the benefits and challenges of
individual tactics, ask for the advice of your fellow practitioners,
find out who's doing what kind of innovative work and where. Human
rights practitioners from more than 90 countries visit this web site.
This is a great way to build international connections and coalitions. 


New! Discussions are now open in English, Turkish,
<http://database.newtactics.org/Forums/viewforum.php?f=8 Spanish,
<http://database.newtactics.org/Forums/viewforum.php?f=12 French
<http://database.newtactics.org/Forums/viewforum.php?f=11 and
Russian. Contact us to add more languages. 


How Can the Sites of Past Abuses Help Build a Better Present and Future?

Historic sites can be powerful catalysts for public awareness and action
on human rights issues, according to the International Coalition of
Historic Site Museums of Conscience. How have historic sites been used
in your region or field? What impact have they had? What challenges have
they encountered? Are there any dangers in using the sites of abuses to
raise awareness? 

Learn about the Sites of Conscience in our database.


Discuss this tactic in our forum.



Diverse Group Registers for Symposium

While participants are still continuing to register for the Symposium,
<http://www.newtactics.org/main.php/WorldSymposium we can tell you
already that this will be a diverse and dynamic group. The 212 people
already registered come from 78 countries spread fairly evenly
throughout the world, but with particularly strong representation in



Amnesty International Head to Address Symposium

Irene Khan, secretary general of Amnesty International, will speak at a
plenary session of the New Tactics in Human Rights International
Symposium. Ms. Khan, the first woman, the first Muslim and the first
Asian to head Amnesty, will talk about the importance of strategic and
tactical thinking in her work. She joins confirmed keynote speakers
Zackie Achmat and Jody Williams. 


New! Full descriptions of workshops are now online. 




Proyecto Nuevas T?cticas para Fomentar los Derechos Humanos

Resumen del Proyecto: 

Por todo el mundo hay gente y organizaciones que est?n usando
m?todos nuevos para impulsar los derechos humanos. El Proyecto Nuevas
T?cticas en Derechos Humanos, dirigido por un grupo diverso de
organizaciones y profesionales internacionales, y coordinado por el
Centro para Victimas de Tortura (CVT), fomenta innovaci?n t?ctica y
pensamiento estrat?gico dentro de la comunidad internacional de los
derechos humanos. Trabaja para incrementar la eficacia de los
profesionales y organizaciones mundiales desarrollando materiales y
redes para compartir ideas creativas, y fomentar la innovaci?n




Are you involved in innovative work that advances human rights? Do you
know someone who is? Tell us about it!
Remember, anyone working to promote the fundamental dignity of human
beings is doing human rights work, whether they work in business,
government, environmental groups, labor organizations, women's groups,
or any number of arenas. 

[Share a Tactic:



The New Tactics Project is an international initiative led by a diverse
group of organizations and practitioners from around the world. The
project is coordinated by the Center for Victims of Torture
<http://www.cvt.org (http://www.cvt.org <http://www.cvt.org/) and grew
out of its experience as a creator of new tactics and a treatment center
that also advocates for the protection of human rights from a unique
position-one of healing and reclaiming civic leadership.


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