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EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program (EUMAP), in co-operation with the
Network Media Program (NMP), is inviting applications for 20 consultant
posts of the country reporters for the reports on Monitoring
Broadcasting Regulation and the Independence of the Media. For person
and assignment specifications please see the attached documents, or
visit www.eumap.org . The deadline for applications is 5 December 2003.


EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program (EUMAP)
- in co-operation with the Network Media Program (NMP)


(20 consultants)

For reports on Monitoring Broadcasting Regulation 
and the Independence of the Media

Deadline: 5th December 2003

Since 2000, the Open Society Institute's EU Monitoring and Advocacy
Program (EUMAP)  has monitored the impact of the EU enlargement process
on the development of human rights and rule of law standards and
policies in the EU and the accession countries in Central and Eastern
Europe (CEE). EUMAP has published a series of reports examining
candidate countries' compliance with various aspects of the political
criteria for EU membership, as well as levels of compliance with
minority protection standards in selected EU member States.

In 2003 and 2004, EUMAP will prepare reports on Monitoring Broadcasting
Regulation and the Independence of the Media. These reports will be
carried out in co-operation with the Open Society Institute's Network
Media Program (NMP). 

The reports will build on the conclusions of previous EUMAP reports on
corruption and anti-corruption policy in 10 CEE EU candidate countries 
and will investigate broadcast media independence and political bias.
Monitoring will focus on the ability of broadcasting media to play an
effective watchdog role and will encompass the role of national
regulatory bodies and the regulation of programme content of both
private and public service TV and radio broadcasting. 

The reports will assess the situation in each country and formulate
recommendations to improve current policy and practice. They will be
extensively used as an advocacy tool to support change where it is
Monitoring will cover the following countries:

Present EU member states: France, Italy, UK
CEE countries:	Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia,
Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
South Eastern Europe:	Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia,
Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia
Other:	Turkey 

Country Reporter posts

EUMAP is currently seeking Media country reporters to monitor and
prepare reports on each of the above countries. 

These positions offer a unique opportunity to contribute to the
development of media independence in your country. 

Main responsibilities
The reporters will be under the direct supervision of the EUMAP Program

- The project will commence in January 2004 and the time commitment is
6-8 months,

- The reporters will carry out research; writing the report; and plan
and participate in public follow-up advocacy events. 

- The main tasks will include:  
(1) Preparing one draft country report on the basis of the EUMAP/MDAP
methodology. This will involve desktop research and analysis (including
media coverage and public debate whenever possible) complemented by
interviews and on-site assessments. 
(2) Uploading all materials cited in reports onto the EUMAP online
library and presenting hard copies of materials which do not exist in
electronic format to the editors for fact-checking.
(3)  Working with EUMAP editors to solicit review and critique of the
draft report, through the organisation of a national roundtable, with
participation of experts from civil society, academia, and government.
(4) Working with EUMAP editors to incorporate feedback from the
roundtable and from other sources into the draft report. 
(5) Participate in launching the report nationally and assisting in
planning and organising the launch event.

- Reporters will co-operation with EUMAP, NMP, National Soros
Foundations and other partners.

- Reporters are expected to respect the editorial schedule and comply
with deadlines.


- Significant and broad experience working with, or writing on, media
- Good knowledge of broadcasting issues in the country they will report
- Very good command of the national language(s) of the country to be
- Good writing skills in English;
- Ability to work under pressure; in a team; and in a multicultural

- Good knowledge of literature on relevant international guidelines,
standards and regulations for broadcasting media;
- Ability to integrate media issues into a human rights / rule of law
- Advanced degree in a relevant field;

EUMAP is based in Budapest, but the reporters would conduct their work
in their own country. The selected candidates will, however, be required
to travel to Budapest as necessary. The reporters will receive a fee on
conditions to be specified in an OSI contract.

Please submit applications with a CV, cover letter, three references and
two short writing samples (e.g. articles or essays), in English, to:
eumap@osi.hu with "Media Reporter" and the country you wish to cover, in
the subject line, (i.e. "Media Reporter Romania")

Further information on EUMAP is available at: www.eumap.org


EUMAP.ORG is an online centre for comprehensive resources, news, and 
analyses on human rights and the rule of law in Europe. EUMAP.ORG is
committed to delivering information and generating debate about human
rights and the rule of law.

EUMAP.ORG is the website of the Open Society Institute's EU Monitoring
& Advocacy Program.

To find out more click on http://www.eumap.org/about

The EUMAP monitoring reports are available online. The reports cover:

- Minority Protection
- Corruption
- Judicial Capacity
- Equal Opportunities for Women and Men 
To find out more click on http://www.eumap.org/reports