MINELRES: Roma Rights are your rights: Roma refugees from Kosovo

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Fri Nov 21 21:19:37 2003

Original sender: Valeriu Nicolae <valeriu.nicolae@erionet.org>

There are lots of reasons why Europe should worry about a new Genocide.

Kosovo is one of them. The situation of Roma refugees from Kosovo is a
disaster and the European Politicians need to start seriously not just
talking but doing something about it.

All over Europe there are blatant violations of the rights of Roma
children, men and women. Without addressing these issues Europe does the
same thing it did during the years preceding the conflict in
ex-Yugoslavia when tens of reports were presented to EU officials and
everybody looked at Europe to do something to prevent the predicted
disaster. Europe looked away. 

We are in danger of seeing more people die on ethnic grounds.

Roma Rights are Human Rights. THEY ARE YOUR RIGHTS TOO. SPEAK UP!

Press on or go to  http://www.erionet.org/kosovo.html to send your
letter of concern to EU Politicians and join our network. We are asking
them to initiate a parliamentary debate on the situation of Roma. It
takes you 40 sec to fill in your name, title and organization.

If you want to protest against "the good burghers of Firle", in Sussex
who built a mock caravan, painted a Gypsy family in the windows, added
the numberplate "P1KEY" (a derogatory name for Gypsies which derives
from the turnpike roads they travelled) and burned it (Nazis and KKK did
same things but quite a long time ago)

Please press http://www.erionet.org/protest2.htm
PS If you have problems sending the protest (people behind firewalls may
encounter problems) please send us your details and we will send the
mail in your name.